At the point when you play DOTA 2, there might be times to lock camera in dota 2 that your view in the game would move startlingly. This is a result of your mouse development regardless of whether you mean to move it, coincidentally your mouse awareness could be all in all too high.
Numerous Dota 2 players thought about how they could lock the camera in order to follow their legends constantly. In this aide, I’m going to show you precisely how you can do that and answer every one of your inquiries connected with this.
lock camera in dota 2
A large portion of the players in Dota 2 need to lock their cameras so they can follow their saint well at each second. Generally, players love to play those games which have great fps and permit players to have an extraordinary view. It assists players with maintaining a dota 2 camera grip not working legitimate interest while playing the game and assists players with focusing on their personality. Legends assume a huge part in Dota 2, and in the event that players can’t pay center around them, they will lose the game.

How to Lock Camera in DOTA 2

You want to set initial a hotkey to lock camera in dota 2. Head to the hotkey choices and pick Select legend key. Set a key that would fill in as the lock camera choice. On the off chance that you hit it two times during games, the camera view will lock on your saint.
To completely lock your camera, go to the Camera choices. Search for the Edge skillet choice and cripple it. You can likewise do this by binding the Toggle Offset Camera choice addressed by the V key. Yet Beat Level 50 on Homescapes, you additionally need to press your hotkey two times in request to enact it.

When To Lock The Camera In DOTA 2

You can lock camera in dota 2 at whatever point you need during games in DOTA 2. Albeit most players don’t suggest locking the camera. This is a result of the conceivable absence of information you might assemble around the guide, and your rivals may likewise exploit your restricted view. Yet at the same time, it would rely upon your inclination. Find out which turns out best for you in playing DOTA 2.

Bind the Lock Camera key

On the other hand, you can likewise lock camera in dota 2 bind the Toggle Offset Lock Camera choice as shown in the screen capture beneath.
lock camera in dota 2
Pressing the key two times is essential assuming you depend on units that have numerous saints. As such, you can change the saint who’s taking the order without fundamental changing the camera.
Numerous players don’t suggest locking the camera as this would handicap your ongoing interaction. Maxing your camera proficiency permits you to accumulate however much information about the guide as could be expected. Information is power and having a reasonable vision of the guide assists you with taking the best game choices.
Different players propose the possibly situation where lock camera in dota 2is valuable is the point at which you need to block creeps. This need to lock the camera is pervasive for LoL players coming to Dota 2. While playing with the camera lock is fine in LoL, it gets a few disservices Dota 2. Numerous gamers are as yet struggling to end this propensity.
However, this involves individual inclination. Assuming you’re feeling more alright with the camera lock choice empowered, play that way.

Utilize the Hotkeys

You can likewise really like to involve different hotkeys for lock camera in dota 2 on the saint. Here are a few stages which can assist you with using the Hotkeys.

  • To start with, you want to explore your Hotkey choices.
  • Then, at that point, you need to choose the Hero key so you can ready to lock the camera.
  • From that point forward, you need to alter the key and afterward select another key for enabling the choice.
  • Then, at that point, you need to tap on the key two times, and the camera will automatically focus on your legend.
  • To lock the camera appropriately, you need to go to the camera choices and debilitate the Edge Pan choice.


With the assistance of the above information, you will see lock camera in dota 2. It will likewise assist you with knowing with regards to different parts of the game for operating the game well. It might be ideal in the event that you attempted to give appropriate consideration to the information to appreciate playing the game.

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