Lucian is a totally dinner party or famine early recreation ADC, however funny enough Jinx is pretty top against him in lane and also you’ll research why! Lucian will attempt to leap and mixture you constantly each time you walk up for farm via using [[Relentless Pursuit]] in succession with [[Ardent Blaze]] and [[Piercing Light]].

Anytime he begins to look jumpy simply step lower back and wait a piece. The cause why Jinx is quite appropriate towards him in lane is because he’s very brief ranged sitting at 500 variety and also very predictable inside the way he performs the laning section out so simply hold chugging rockets at him with [[Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher]] and also you’ll be bullying him very quickly. One very vital thing to do is to make certain to poke him with rockets starting at stage 1 if viable then secure stage 2 and begin poking him at stage 2 as nicely. You can appearance lower back on the trading clip in advance inside the manual because it’s the perfect instance! Win Condition: Don’t permit Lucian snowball. Play aggressively with your range gain through [[Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher]]. Keep that distance among you and him and also you’ll no longer handiest locate him easy to address in lane, but outscale him very rapid into the game. ”

Watch out for Lucian’s Piercing Light

Laning Against Lucian

as he’s going to try to line it up so it hits the minion wave and also you on the equal time.Lucian is very robust inside the early recreation and could appearance to abuse his strengths to get a lead. Avoid demise to him so he doesn’t get beforehand.Wait for Lucian to apply his Relentless Pursuit earlier than starting up a fight or seeking to land CC. Whenever his Relentless Pursuit is down, he’s much weaker and will discover it tougher for him to protect himself.

Strategy VS Lucian

In team fights, take care that Lucian can use his Relentless Pursuit to reposition and break out risk. Try and watch for him to apply his Relentless Pursuit before the usage of your CC competencies so it’s harder for him to dodge them.Avoid letting Lucian get a full channel of his Ultimate The Culling on you in a group combat through disengaging or cancelling it with CC.Lookout for Lucian’s positioning. He will regularly walk forward in an effort to land car attacks. Once he has mispositioned, use this to your gain to recognition him down.

Lucian Power Spikes

Lucian’s level 2 electricity spike is no shaggy dog story. Make certain you hit degree 2 on the same time as him to lessen his ability to all in you. Level 2 is the first wave accompanied via the next three melee minions on the second wave.At level 6, Lucian has a lot greater buying and selling strength way to his Ultimate The Culling. Once he activates it, try to either reposition, disengage or lock him down with CC so he is not able to land every bullet on you.Whenever Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit is up, he could be stronger as he can evade ability pictures and CC. If he uses this capability aggressively, use the cooldown of it to play competitive and trade with him.

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