Ghostwire: Tokyo follows open-world practice by including heaps of side journeys for players to finish Mikubo Shrine Tanuki and collectibles to find. Genuinely right off the bat in the game, players will run unavoidably into Boss Tanuki, who will illuminate the player that he has been isolated from his 25 Tanuki confidants.
This is another Tanuki that is amazingly near the Shrine, making it simple to find. However, you should ensure you’re as high as possible for this one, as the Tanuki is on top of a structure. From the Shrine, travel south a little way, not even into the focal point of the developed region you’re in. Then, at that point, you’ll need to utilize Mikubo Shrine Tanuki a Tengu to get as high as possible. From that point utilize your Spectral Vision to feature a porecelain Tanuki sculpture that is your objective.
You can start the chase after every one of the Tanuki by finishing the Tanuki Hunt side mission at the Shiroyama Shrine, which is available genuinely almost immediately into the game. A portion of the utagawa shrine tanuki
Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki locations can be seen as high up on housetops or concealed in parks, rear entryways, and under spans.
Mikubo Shrine Tanuki

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Mikubo Shrine Tanuki Location

A few shrines will have more than one Tanuki, and some Gotcha figure will have none by any means. Luckily, this shrine just has one Tanuki, and it is genuinely easy to find. Get out the shrine first, and afterward players can advance south. The player will need to Mikubo Shrine Tanuki go onto the roofs, as the Tanuki is situated on top of a generator on one of the structures decently promptly south of the shrine map marker. There is a Tengu flying upward for the player to rope for speedy rooftop access.
When the player has come to the roofs, they ought to take note of a generator with a really clear huge porcelain sculpture on it. This sculpture obviously has a tail, along these lines showing it is the Tanuki. The player can interface Mikubo Shrine Tanuki with it. When they do as such, it will give them some exchange connected with the journey, and afterward give the player 100 XP and an act out called “Ground Sit 1.”
Mikubo Shrine Tanuki

How to Start the Tanuki Hunt in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks’ impending frightfulness computer game Ghostwire: Tokyo is quite anticipated as it has both activity experience and first-individual viewpoint highlights.

Ghostwire Tokyo Kuo Shrine Jizo Statue

we have arranged the entirety of the Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue in Kuo Shrine. Our assortments of Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue screen captures and nitty gritty portrayals ought to assist you with tracking down these exceptionally helpful locations. After a short time you’re SP will be topped up to a helpful level to handle the hardest foes in the game

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