Modern Warfare 2 fans could get their most memorable look at the following mainline Call of Duty game today. It’s accepted the 2022 COD game could have some presence at the impending State of Play for June 2022, which starts off at 11pm UK time. Sony has proactively said some “invigorating” reveals are arranged from outsider devs, and one of these declarations could be connected with the Call of Duty series.

RalphsValve, a notable leaker and Call of Duty insider, has said COD ought to show up during today’s State of Play.

Whether that is a gameplay trailer or secret trailer for Modern Warfare 2 is not yet clear, however the leaker said Sony has one significant declaration at its disposal it could reveal today.

In an article on the web, which discussed what to examine from State of Play, RalphsValve said: “Sony declared another Summer State of Play set for June 2nd Accel Entertainment Completes Century Gaming, highlighting a sneak look at a few games being developed for Playstation VR 2. We ought to hope to see a Call of Duty presence for the impending occasion, and a little declaration for the venture.”

The leaker proceeded to say that the Modern Warfare 2 PSVR2 content ought to send off close by the impending VR headset from Sony.

With the augmented simulation headset tipped to send off in 2023 this implies the substance won’t be accessible when Modern Warfare 2 hits retires not long from now in October.

As consistently with bits of gossip, taking things with a touch of salt until true confirmation is ideal. RalphsValve did, notwithstanding, as of late get a break spot on, declaring the time that the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 declaration was made. That was a mystery trailer for the Modern Warfare 2 work of art and the delivery date declaration.

For anybody that is amped up for the potential Modern Warfare 2 news, you don’t have long to hold on to find out without a doubt. The State of Play PS5 June 2022 occasion is only hours away and is being transferred on YouTube and Twitch.

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