There is only one Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko seed locations , yet that doesn’t imply that it’s not difficult to find or reach. As a matter of fact, the single mokoko collectible in this spot is behind a wall of vines that you can’t eliminate until you have the right song. Not just that; in any event, when you figure out how to get behind these vines, the seed will in any case not be noticeable straightforwardly. Consequently, we thought it only judicious to compose this aide and tell you the best way to get the Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko seed locations .
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In the oceans off the shoreline of the southwestern Arkesian continent of Yorn, Illusion Bamboo Island stows away a couple of minor bits of content in especially slippery waters. Requiring that players arrive at absolute thing level 1100 preceding exploring, players will only move toward the island extremely late in their Lost Ark undertakings.
Mokoko Seed Locations

All Mokoko Seed Locations on Illusion Bamboo Island in Lost Ark

The main point of Magical Barriers convergence of Illusion Bamboo Island is the sole, lonely NPC that it covers, Zinnervale. Zinnervale’s questline happens during the traveler’s movements in Yorn, and maximizing his affinity is the only way for players to acquire Illusion Bamboo Island’s one of a kind soul. The only other remarkable content included on the island – and by extension, the motivation behind this aide – is a single, equally lonely Mokoko seed locations hiding away from completionist gatherers.

Seed 1: One is the Loneliest Number

Walking east of Zinnervale’s islet, players are able to coincidentally find a stone opening, embellished in tangling vines. While this passage is inaccessible to most players, the people who have taken in the Forest’s Minuet can play the song to strip back a portion of the vines, revealing a small clearing behind the stone. Settled within this clearing, to one side of the entrance and behind a rough outcrop, is the only Mokoko seed locations of Illusion Bamboo Island.
Mokoko Seed Locations

How to Get Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark

To get the Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko seed locations , you really want to go toward the southeast of the island. We’ll show you precisely where you want to go in the screen capture underneath. Once you arrive, you’ll see an entrance that is totally canvassed in vines. Presently, assuming you’ve been exploring the game with any consideration, you’ve likely currently gone over one of these riddles previously.

Bamboo Island Mokokos Seeds Map

There are 1 Mokoko Seeds to find in Bamboo Island. This guide is given by We have added indicators to feature the Mokoko seed locations.

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