This guide tell you How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive. To move Valorant to another drive to let loose space in your ongoing one or shift it to a SSD, this guide will show you how to make it happen. Pick any of the given techniques to transfer Valorant to a different drive on your PC with and without reinstalling.

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive

If you want to get Valorant on another drive absent a lot of exertion, the most effective way to do it is to reinstall the game. The time taken for the redownload will rely upon your web association yet whenever that is finished, you can sign in to your Riot Games account and start playing.

In case you want to move Valorant to another drive without redownloading and reinstalling, follow the means given beneath:

In the first place, duplicate the Valorant and Riot Client envelopes and paste them in the drive organizer you want it in.
Then head to C: Drive.
Track down the ProgramData organizer. (really take a look at stowed away records in the event that it’s not noticeable)
Go to the RiotClientInstalls.json record.
Open it in notepad.
Check the path given and replace it with the upgraded one.
Save the notepad document.
Presently, in the Riot Games organizer, track down the Metadata envelope.

Move Valorant and Riot Client to a Different Drive

This is the easiest strategy to move Valorant from a different drive Log Out in Valorant, however, this technique is for the people who want to move Riot Client and Valorant both into separate or different drive.

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive

Follow the means to Move Valorant and Riot Client starting with one drive then onto the next:-

Open the drive where the Valorant has been installed.
Right-click on the Riot Games, and snap on Cut to duplicate the documents.

2 Ways of Moving Valorant Folders

You have two ways to move Valorant from where it was installed to another location. One of them is to erase the game and once again download it where you want to move it. However, this way can in some cases be exhausting and a waste of time.

The subsequent way is to move the game any place you want by making changes in certain documents of the game. Most importantly, cut the “Valorant” and “Uproar Client” envelopes in the Riot Games envelope where you installed the game and paste it to the organizer, drive, or PC you want to move.


In the remote possibility that the “ProgramDate” organizer isn’t apparent, then navigate to the “View” choices of the drive and tick on the “Show Hidden Items” choice. Following these couple of easy advances, one can easily move Valorant to any other drive without the hassle of reinstalling the entire game. However, on the off chance that the entire cycle feels too complicated for somebody, they can always take the more slow yet safer strategy for re-installing Valorant.


Can you move Valorant to another drive?

You can Move Valorant starting with one drive then onto the next. You can Move Valorant and Riot Client both starting with one drive then onto the next. You can straightforwardly install Valorant into another hard drive.

How many GB is Valorant?

The game isn’t demanding with regards to framework necessities and requires next to no space on your PC. At present, Valorant’s download size is under 4 GB right now, yet the game requires 8 GB of free space to install.

How would I change Valorant server location?

Unfortunately, Riot Games doesn’t give you the choice to change your server locale manually. To do that, you really want a VPN for Valorant. A VPN conceals your IP address and replaces it with another. That fools sites into believing you’re in another district on the planet.

Where is Valorant located?

However Valorant is a fantastical game with agents boasting supernatural powers and modern innovation, it takes place on Earth. Or on the other hand maybe two Earths. One way or another, maps are located in real-life urban communities like Tokyo and Venice.

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