Here, we will show you Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight. One of the most notable get over Killers in Dead By Daylight, the Executioner or Pyramid Head as he’s all the more generally known, is a guide altering hazard that can devastate Survivors effortlessly. Introduced in June of 2020 close by another Silent Hill-themed set of guides and Survivor, Pyramid Head is a severe power of nature that can truly hamper the break endeavors of different players.

How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight

Stalking around the guide wearing his particular cap and butcher’s cover while wielding his number one goliath Kitchen Knife How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight, Pyramid Head is easy to utilize, beginner-accommodating and in the right hands, he’s unstoppable.

How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight

Pyramid Head or “The Executioner” is one of 28 Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png as of now highlighted in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER 16: Silent Hill, a Chapter DLC delivered on 16 June of 2020.

He originates from the computer game establishment Silent Hill, explicitly Silent Hill 2 (2001).

The Executioner is a guide control Killer, ready to torment Survivors with the risks he makes. Impacted Survivors will be defenseless against his unique Hook, the Cage of Atonement and his extraordinary mori, Final Judgment.

Using Punishment of the Damned

From the get go you will be enticed to constantly get Torment on Survivors. As a matter of fact, a great deal of Pyramid Heads make an honest effort to apply Torment prior to downing. However Survivor in Dead by Daylight, actually you can’t necessarily compel Survivors to step in your channels. Great Survivors will continually change among regions and keep away from your channels to the extent that this would be possible. This makes applying Torment troublesome on occasion.

An enormous piece of playing Killer in Dead by Daylight is being a shark, and this is the same while playing Pyramid Head. So here’s my recommendation: don’t zero in on applying Torment to Survivors. Indeed, you need to attempt to apply Torment. However How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight, don’t get so focused on that objective that you never down any Survivors.

Rituals of Judgment

This capacity is incredibly strong. It permits you to hold down the power button, and drag Pyramid Head’s edge along the ground.

This makes a path that will caution you when survivors run however it. Not just that, it will inflict Torment on those survivors. This is significant for another expertise that this executioner has.

How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight

Discipline of the Damned

This capacity is like Rites of Judgment. Instead of causing a path of underhanded that will help you latently however, it’s a went assault of sorts.

It will see Pyramid Head push that cutting edge forward, causing a line of genuine harm causing hate to regurgitate before him.

Any survivors hit by it will take harm, and ought to be not difficult to bring down with a single hit later on.

Utilize your Knife Skills

A tremendous measure of harm you can do to the Survivors is by using his incredible blade. Obviously, he is a scuffle centered character and conveys an enormous blade with himself. Pyramid Head AKA The Executioner is a very decent executioner and simple to use for beginners. As the blade is really enormous How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight, it makes it challenging for the Survivor to avoid hits in more modest regions.

Simply attempt to not miss your swings, and land however many more modest or greater hits as you can. On the off chance that you do miss, then too How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight, essentially nothing remains to be stressed over on the grounds that the cooldown between swings is speedy.


The main tip in this Dead by Daylight Pyramid Head guide is here How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight. Ensure that you utilize your went assault while chasing a survivor.

They’ll attempt to stay away from you by running around sharp corners. At the point when you’re in a space that is open however, just hit them with Punishment of the Damned.


Is Pyramid Head Dead by Daylight good?

Old Pyramid Head at his base details is very good at this as of now, yet there’s no damage in working on this with additional items to make him a more effective Killer. In light of that, the following are a couple of his additional items that merit utilizing for lockdown.

Is Pyramid Head hard to play dbd?

Pyramid Head is exceptionally simple to play with his free drafting and he can in a real sense hit through objects which implies whenever somebody is in liveliness lock, it’s a free hit.

Is Pyramid Head a God?

Pyramid Head is a playable person in Super Bomberman R. In the Bomberman universe, he is an undying animal that wanders the badlands of Planet Silent Hill. He fills an on other in as a killer animals who occupy the world.

How would you improve at Pyramid Head?

What I have viewed as Pyramid Head’s greatest strength is Punishment of the Damned. I figure the most effective way to play Pyramid Head is to make however many Punishment of the Damned hits as you can. Bringing down Survivors quick is a higher priority than attempting to send them to an enclosure.

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