Cannot hook up with a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi signal electricity may be too susceptible.

  • Run a web connection test on the PS4 through going to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.
  • Reset your local community connection by way of powering off your modem or router and ready five minutes before turning it again on.
  • Position the PS4 and your Wi-Fi router nearer together, and ensure there are not any obstructions among them.


This can be a completely unique and disturbing error at the PS4. Users locate that they cannot connect with the internet thru wifi on their console, even though it can have labored earlier than and other devices at the community can be pleasant. What does this mistake imply and what methods are there to restoration it?
The NW-31295-0 errors code way that the PS4 can not connect to the Wi-Fi network, generally because the signal is too vulnerable or inconsistent. The maximum not unusual manner to repair the error is to load up the PS4 in Safe Mode (press and hold the power button for 7 seconds) and pick out Option 4 – Update System Software.
Annoyingly, this mistake code can show up while different human beings are the usage of wifi at the identical router and not having any troubles. It can also every now and then seem out of nowhere, whilst the wifi changed into working quality the day before, however now all at once stops working for the PS4. Let’s look in extra detail at all of the different things we can try and restoration this problem.

Updating the PS4 in Safe Mode

The most dependable technique to this hassle, that seems to paintings for lots of folks who try it, is in addition the PS4 in safe mode and update the system software, ideally the use of a stressed out connection. The wifi is not working due to the fact system software program isn’t always absolutely updated and acting the update solves this. This regularly, though not constantly, fixes the trouble and restores a respectable wifi signal. Here are the general steps to do that:
Power your console off then energy it again on in Safe Mode. To do that, press and hold the strength button on the PS4 for 7 seconds. It will then boot in Safe Mode.
Make certain the controller is attached to the console through cable when the use of Safe Mode, otherwise it gained’t work.
Once in Safe Mode, choose the Update System Software choice and click on Update thru Internet. If the Wi-Fi nonetheless doesn’t paintings then join direct on your router with ethernet.
A machine replace have to down load. Once whole, reboot in everyday mode.
This update fixes the trouble for numerous customers. If it doesn’t then there are other things you could attempt, which we can cross into greater detail approximately beneath.

Other Tips to Solve the Problem

If the device update in safe mode doesn’t work, right here are a few faster answers you can additionally attempt to see if it manages to restore a respectable Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes a short reset will do the trick, once in a while it gained’t. Here are a few clean matters to strive:

Move your console and router nearer collectively.

Try quick resetting your PS4 and your router. Try tough resetting your console and router – in other words, power both router and PS4 off fully and unplug for 5 minutes earlier than plugging them again in and restarting.
If Deep Color settings are enabled on your PS4, turning them off has sometimes resolved this trouble for a few customers. Go to Settings…..Sound and Screen…….Video Output Settings and make sure Deep Color Output is about of Off if it is presently on.
Try changing your DNS servers as proven in this video. Works for a few humans however no longer for all people. See additionally our article on DNS servers for gaming.
Move onto a stressed out connection if possible. Ethernet cables are to be had cheaply on Amazon. If you’re several rooms faraway from the router and can’t without difficulty do that, don’t forget the use of a powerline adapter to supply a stressed connection – see beneath for extra in this.

Send your console in for repair or replacement.

Gaming is Better on Wired Connections

If you’ve got tried a lot of these options and nonetheless can’t get the Wi-Fi to work nicely, then you can need to send your PS4 in for a few kind of restore. A higher long time option is to honestly transfer to a stressed out ethernet connection anyway, on the grounds that this could continually offer the strongest and maximum dependable connection anyway, especially if you play loads on-line and want to keep lag down and down load games and patches faster.
Some people are best using Wi-Fi inside the first location even though because they’re too a long way faraway from the router to run an ethernet without delay, and don’t want to be messing around feeding long cables down stairs or drilling holes in walls and floors to feed wires via. What alternatives are to be had in this case?
This is where a powerline adapter may be an extraordinary domestic networking solution that can offer a stressed ethernet connection even for gamers primarily based several rooms away from the router. They successfully flip your wall socket into an internet connection and might allow you to pass the use of wifi altogether, with all it’s inherent troubles with the signal weakening and losing out over distance.

Powerline adapter kits include a couple of adapter plugs, one among that is plugged in and linked to the router and the alternative of which is plugged in and connected to your PS4 or other device. The two plugs then transfer statistics thru the electric wiring of the house to deliver a stressed net connection to the plug on the receiving quit.

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