Guerdy Abraira, the world’s most famous event designer, is also the newest housewife on Real Housewives of Miami’s fourth season. Look into Guerdy Abraira’s life.

This season’s Real Housewives of Miami cast includes Guerdy, a fashion designer and event planner. According to reports, the show will premiere on December 16, 2021.

She was raised in Miami, where she was born and raised. “Holiday Crafters Gone Wild” is a competition where crafting duos compete in holiday-themed challenges and win cash prizes. At the same time, “RHOM” follows the lives and social dynamics of Guerdy and a group of Miami-based girls.

The identity of Guerdy Abraira is unknown.

She is a well-known Miami wedding and event planner and a well-known television personality. Two of her most famous reality television shows are “Real Housewives of Miami” (RHOM) and “Holiday Crafters Gone Wild”.

Age of Guerdy Abraira 

Guerdy Abraira will be 43 years old in 2021. January 6 is her birthday.

If her biography is believed, she was only a year old when she was shipped off to Paris. She was born in Haiti, according to reports.

When she was nine, she and her family moved to Miami. Guerdy, on the other hand, had no trouble adapting to American society.

Careers of Guerdy Abraira

The cast of RHOM Estimates put the net worth of Guerdy Abraira somewhere in the millions. She does make a very good living as a luxury event planner.

Furthermore, she is known as the owner of Guerdy Design, a company she founded. When asked about her role, she answered that she is the Lead Creative Director.

She does, however, have a dedicated team ready to serve people of all faiths. Abraira has been smitten with the event planning and hosting business since the beginning of her career.

She is said to have travelled worldwide, which has helped her build a strong clientele with a wide range of preferences. Additionally, she has extensive experience designing a complete home for her globetrotting clients.

Many RHOM fans are eagerly awaiting her arrival on the show. She will join Nicole Martin, Julia Lemigova, Kiki Barth, and others on the reality show.

The fact that the show is returning after an absence of eight years is noteworthy. Fans of RHOM will pay close attention to Guerdy’s performance.

Guerdy Abraira’s Husband and kids

Russel Abraira, Guerdy Abraira’s supportive husband, has been by her side all along the way. According to Screen Rant’s findings, the couples were married two decades ago.

As far as we know, they’ve been dating since they were teenagers. When they were students at the same university, they first became acquainted.

Guerdy and Russel now have two sons, both of whom are in their early twenties. Because she prioritises her family over her career, she is a devout housewife.

How much money does she make?

Guerdy is unquestionably a well-known person in the event planning and design industry because of her enormous entrepreneurial success, which has elevated her firm to the top of the sector and the high-profile events that her team has covered.

The net worth of Guerdy Abraira is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million at the time of this writing. The number is likely to rise rapidly as she continues to gain notoriety on reality television.


Q1 What high school did Guerdy attend?

Guerdy went to high school in Florida as a teenager, where she met her future husband, Russell Abraira.

Q2 What is Guerdy abraira wife’s role in all of this?

The Newlywed Guy Réjouis, a catering manager for the socially conscious Firefighter Russell Abraira, serves as the best man. The Day Of The Week November 16 During their senior year of high school, Russell and Guerdy became friends.

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