A progression of exemplary SNK shoot them ups and fighting games can now be played for free in-browser, with additional on the way.
This is because of a coordinated effort among SNK and Piepacker, which is bringing ten games from the SNK Neo Geo age online and playable.
Every one of the games are being delivered all through the period of March, with some accessible today (March 10), and others accessible later in the month. SNK’s Sengoku 3 was additionally added a week ago.

Piepacker formally licenses retro games so they can be played through an internet browser, with companion streaming and online play additionally accessible. None of the games should be downloaded to be played, and the Piepacker Beta presently chips away at Google Chrome, with the help available through this link.
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There are as of now more than 100 exemplary arcade titles accessible on Piepacker, with additional to be added after these SNK titles in the future also.
“We are really glad to consider SNK our most recent accomplices,” said Piepacker CEO Benjamin Devienne. “Very much like SNK spearheaded the computer game industry and brought individuals around arcade machines, Piepacker is focused on creating exciting better approaches to play such awesome works of art together, from an internet browser.”
Last month SNK explained that a trailer for the alleged port of Metal Slug: Awakening was really phony, telling fans “this news is phony, so if it’s not too much trouble, be cautious what you read online.”
In other gaming news, Nintendo has declared that it is halting shipments to Russia because of the unpredictability around the “coordinated factors of shipping.”

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