This guide is about How to Trade in Clash Royale. Trade Tokens permit players to trade in clash royale with different players in their Clan or with the Trader. They can be obtained from Challenges, as a Trophy Road reward, and by purchasing them from exceptional proposals in the Shop. There are four distinct kinds of Trade Tokens
One corresponding to every uncommonness of card in the game. Players can hold up to ten of every token. A player should be King Level 8 or higher in request to trade; in the event that they are not, they can in any case obtain Trade Tokens, yet they can not utilize them until the level prerequisite has been met.
To trade cards with your Clanmates, you want Trade Tokens! You can trade in clash royale rarities and even trade for cards you haven’t opened at this point. The main prerequisite for using Trade Tokens is for your King to have arrived at level 8.
trade in clash royale

How to Trade in Clash Royale

Trade Tokens enable players to trade cards with another person who’s a piece of a similar family. You can send a solicitation in your faction visit, and somebody in your tribe can acknowledge the accessible proposal to initiate the trade.
You can obtain Trade Tokens from Special Challenges and War Bounties, the new Clan War reward. You can Block in Tekken 7 likewise buy them in the shop. There are four kinds of Trade Tokens, one for every one of the diverse card rarities. Each unique extraordinariness additionally has a varying number of cards per trade.

  • Common Trade Token will permit you to trade 250 Common cards.
  • Rare Trade Token will permit you to trade 50 Rare cards.
  • An Epic Trade Token will permit you to trade 10 Epic cards.
  • Legendary Trade Token will permit you to trade one Legendary card.

Each Trade Token must be utilized to trade cards for that particular extraordinariness. You can hold up to five of each kind of Trade Token, too.
Essentially, this new capacity permits Clash Royale players to trade cards and reinforce their decks. By adequately using this element, you can step up your own cards quicker while likewise helping your clanmates make their decks more grounded by giving them the cards they need.

Utilization With Clanmates

  • Players can begin a trade by entering the Trade screen which is gotten to from the Trade tab in the wake of pressing the “Solicitation Card” button.
  • To begin a trade, players need to have somewhere around one Trade Token.
  • Each Trade Token must be utilized to trade cards of the related extraordinariness. For instance, a Rare Trade

trade in clash royale

  • Token must be utilized to trade Rare cards.
  • When the player enters the Trade screen, the player can pick a card to ask for, if they have somewhere around one Trade Token of the right extraordinariness. The player can pick any card that they have as of now opened or even a card that they have not opened, given that they are as of now at or over the Arena where the card is opened.
  • When the card to demand has been picked, the player should pick up to 4 cards of a similar extraordinariness as the card mentioned, to offer in return for the card mentioned.
  • Before finally posting the solicitation, the player can add a message regarding the trade in the affirmation screen that follows.
  • An alternate number of cards will be traded for every extraordinariness; players will trade 250 Commons, 50 Rares, 10 Epics or 1 Legendary. These sums are equivalent to one-20th (5%) the quantity of Cards expected to update from the third-most elevated level (12) to the second most elevated level (13).

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