Find our How to Use Voicemod on Discord on PC with every one of your companions. Be the class jokester with voices like Chipmunk or Titan. Release your internal rockstar with Lil’ Mod and Magic Chords. Or on the other hand get into the occasion soul with voices like Santa, Ghost, and Crazy Clown. There’s something for anyone and everyone who needs to take their talks and pretending to epic levels.

How to Use Voicemod on Discord on PC

Relegate keybinds to your number one sounds for fast and simple access so you don’t overlook anything. In the event that you’re feelin’ extravagant, feel free to connect them to your Elgato Stream Deck. Content creators, we’re conversing with you!

How to Use Voicemod on Discord on PC

Voicemod Discord works for Windows and Mac working frameworks easily. Its new Mac OS version is on its way, and you can decide to get informed once it dispatches.

With a voice transformer for Discord, you can add audio effects and change your voice in your communication. You can download this free application on your Windows 10/11 (64-cycle) desktop. Its 90 unique voices and impacts coordinate impeccably with Discord to give you severe and most productive execution.

Go to Settings>Voice and Video

To configure Voicemod with Discord Square Chip Reader, open your discord account and go to the settings option situated in the screen’s bottom-left corner. Then tap on the “Voice and Video” option right under the application settings.

Pick Your Favorite Voice

In the “fundamental version,” you have the authorization to change seven free voice decisions every day. In addition, with the “supportive of version,” you approach in excess of 80 different voice options.

How to Use Voicemod on Discord on PC

Hence, in the event that you are searching for a basic and simple Windows and Mac application, don’t look farther than Voicemod.


At the bottom of the Voicemod window are an assortment of supportive switches. Switch them generally on to confirm your arrangement has finished effectively.

Hear Myself: Listen to your changed voice continuously through your headphones.
Voice Changer: Activate or deactivate voice transformers you’ve chosen.
Encompassing Effects: Activate or deactivate foundation audio effects assuming that they’re remembered for your ongoing voice transformer.

How to Use Voicemod on Discord on Mobile Phones

You can likewise use Voicemod on your Mobile phones too. It is accessible under the name “Voicemod Clips” both on iOS and Android also. On this application, you won’t only get the channels for your voice only, however there is additionally an option of channels that are connected to your camera. By utilizing these channels, you can make extremely intriguing recordings for your crowd or companions.

On the portable application, you will have the option of 10 voice channels. Additionally, you can make limitless recordings and sound for yourself. It is one of the best applications for content creators who distribute across informal organizations.


How would I empower Voicemod on Discord?

Open Discord and tap the “cogwheel icon” close to your name and symbol. You will see a “settings” page situated inside it. Tap the “Voice and Video” option. Then under the “Info Device” option, select Voicemod and the headset under the “Result Device” option and tap escape.

How would I use a voice transformer on PC?

Download Voicemod and configure it accurately on your PC by choosing your primary microphone as the info gadget.
Select the Voicebox menu option to get to the different voice channels.
Ensure that the “Voice Changer” toggle at the bottom of the window is turned on.

How would you use a Soundboard on Discord?

Open Discord, go to User Settings > App Settings > Voice and Video > INPUT DEVICE and select CABLE Output. Then, every sound playing on your machine will be heard by individuals in Voice Chat.

How would you seem like a young lady in Discord?

MorphVox is a free sound impact tool that can change your voice. You can use the implicit voices and audio effects to seem like a man, lady, kid, robot, or any of the other upheld voices. You can use this free voice transformer program to change your voice from man to lady as well as the other way around.

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