This guide is about How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon GO. Introduced close by the level cap increase close by the Go Beyond update and the Season of Celebration, it permits players to increase the CP of a Pokémon past the original Level 40 cap, the entire way to Level 50.

Sourcing XL Candy is like ordinary Candy in Pokémon Go, however with various little contrasts – including the capacity to change over customary Candy into XL Candy. However, as we’ll talk about, it’s not the most effective technique.

How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon GO

How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon GO

XL Candy can be gained in a wide range of ways, for certain technicians guaranteeing a prize, and others being irregular drops.

Catching a Pokémon can prize from 0 to 3 XL Candy. Catching a developed structure doesn’t make it any bound to compensate XL Candy, and it has all the earmarks of being an irregular prize. More elevated level wild Pokémon have a higher possibility dropping numerous XL Candy. Pinap Berries have no influence on the drop rate or amount of XL Candy.

Catching Legendary, Mythical or advanced Pokémon is ensured to compensate you with XL Candy. Unbelievable and Mythical Pokémon are ensured to compensate 3x XL Candy for get. Stage 1 advancements ensure 1x XL Candy, while Stage 2 developments ensure 2x XL Candy per get.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching a Pokémon surrenders to a limited measure of XL Candy. A 5km/7km egg compensations up to 16 XL Candy, and 10km/12km eggs prize up to 24 XL Candy. The typical XL Candy given from eggs is a lot of lower than these maximums, with the midpoints Aguav Berries included in the table above because of examination from the SilphRoad. Pokémon IV appears to make little difference to how much XL Candy compensated, and it has all the earmarks of being an irregular sum given with each lid.

How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon GO

Walking with your Buddy

Walking with your Buddy will currently compensate XL Candy close by standard candy. How much of the time you are compensated with XL Candy from your Buddy is by all accounts increased as the Pokémon’s level is higher in light of exploration by the SilphRoad.


You can find XL Candy arbitrarily from similar techniques you would find typical candy from. This includes catching Pokémon, hatching eggs, and transfering Pokémon. You can likewise get XL Candy from walking with your amigo Pokémon and from trading with companions.

In the event that you’re truly frantic for XL Candy, you can change over typical candy into it at a pace of 100 to 1. Try not to do this except if you’re sitting on a huge number of candy because the expense is so steep.

Intriguing XL Candy

Finally, you can change over typical candy into XL Candy, however the rate is 100 candy to one XL Candy. That is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, so we wouldn’t suggest it. Uncommon XL Candy exists in the game, yet is incredibly difficult to gain, as it appears to drop just while leveling up past level 40, with only a couple for every level.

Supposedly, the most effective way to step up standard wild Pokemon to even out 50 is by catching whatever number of them as could reasonably be expected and transferring them to Professor Willow. This makes legendaries inordinately difficult to arrive at level 50, yet over the long haul, Niantic makes certain to introduce better approaches to acquire XL Candy.


How to switch candy over completely to XL Candy Pokémon go?

Converting Candy into XL Candy is definitely not an ideal method for farming XL Candies, as it requires 100 Candy for 1 XL Candy. It takes 296 XL Candy to control up a Pokémon from level 40 to 50, which means 29,600 ordinary Candy.Jun 1, 2022.

Could you at any point transform uncommon candy into XL candy?

Keep in mind, you can begin receiving XL Candy once you are Trainer Level 31. There is additionally Rare XL Candy, which works equivalent to normal Rare Candy, allowing you to ‘change over’ this asset into XL Candy for your picked Pokémon.

Might you at any point trade candy in Pokémon Go?

Exchanges will give every player extra Candy, with more Candy compensated assuming the two Pokémon were gotten far away from another. According to Reddit, this is 1 Candy for underneath 30km, 2 Candy for 30-100km, 3 Candy for above 100km.

Could you at any point get XL candy before level 40?

The XL Candy permits Trainers to drive up their Pokemon past level 40. Just Trainers that have arrived at level 40 can begin using this sort of Candy. Presently, things are changing, and Trainers who arrive at level 31 or above will actually want to get XL Candy.

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