This guide about Vampire Survivors how to unlock the Il Molise Bonus Stage. On March twelfth, 2022, the Il Molise bonus stage was added to Vampire Survivors through an update. This stage is very not quite the same as the other stages. First off, the player just requirements to make due for 15 minutes; regularly the player should get by for 30 minutes. The foes are additionally altogether different in Il Molise. Rather than having the foes charge the player carelessly, the adversaries in Il Molise are unmoving plants and otherworldly animals.
Dissipated among the foes are pots that leave a gold coin while broken, making this the best stage for gathering enormous amounts of gold. This stage is likewise the best stage for players endeavoring to break their past kill-count score. Unlocking this stage isn’t muddled, yet for new players, it very well may challenge. Il Molise is by a long shot the most straightforward of the stages in Vampire Survivors, primarily because of the way that the foes don’t go after the player except if they get too close.
A bonus stage Il Molise is a plant-filled stage where you’ll invest your energy separating the blossoms and trees rather than undead foes generally. Yet, how would you unlock the Il Molise stage in Vampire Survivors? To unlock Il Molise, you’ll have to unlock Hyper Mode for any of the past ordinary stages. That implies Hyper Mode for Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, or Dairy Plant. Beforehand you needed to unlock every one of the Hyper Modes to unlock Il Molise. Presently unlocking any Hyper Mode will unlock Il Molise.

Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock The Il Molise Bonus Stage

The initial step is Triangle Strategy: Huguette Guide, and that implies Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, and Dairy plant. Then, you’ll have to finish each level’s necessity for unlocking Hyper Mode.
For Mad Forest, that is overcoming the 25-minute manager Giant Blue Venus in ordinary mode with any person. To unlock Hyper Mode for the Inlaid Library, you want to overcome the 25-minute manager Nesuferit. Again you can do this with any person.
At long last, you’ll have to unlock the Hyper Mode for the Dairy Plant by overcoming the Sword Giant, who generates at 25 minutes in.
Whenever you’ve unlocked this multitude of Hyper Modes, Il Molise will be unlocked. On the off chance that you’d previously finished these prerequisites before the fix, all you need to do to unlock Il Molise is start any run and afterward quit. You’ll unlock Il Molise on the score screen.
Dissimilar to the other modes, Il Molise is a bonus stage that main endures 15 minutes. It’s great for evaluating characters and cultivating gold for Power-Ups.
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Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock The Il Molise Bonus Stage

How do you unlock new stages in vampire Survivor?

To unlock the Inlaid Library, you want to reach essentially level 20 with a person on the main level, the Mad Forest. Related: Can you play Vampire Survivors on Mac? Then, play a round in the Inlaid Library, and get to at minimum level 40. When you bite the dust on a run that arrived at level 40, you will unlock the Dairy Plant.

How do you get ebony wings in Vampire Survivors?

Then, to unlock Ebony Wings, you want to step up Peachone to even out seven on a solitary run with any person. Whenever you’ve done this, in the wake of kicking the bucket or completing the stage, Ebony Wings will unlock as a weapon that can produce during your step up. Coal black Wings is additionally the beginning weapon of the mystery character Exdash.

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