There is currently no way to finish Star Wars: KOTOR II on the Switch, A lot of games have sent off in an unfinished state, however it’s uncommon to see a port of a game previously delivered in 2004 be buggy to such an extent that individuals who get it can’t really finish it. On Twitter game engineer Aspyr let it be known knew that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was currently difficult to finish when played on the Switch.

There is currently no way to finish Star Wars: KOTOR II on the Switch

Aspyr’s meat and potatoes is porting dearest games so you would figure it would know better compared to deliver something so busted. KOTOR II sent off on the Nintendo Switch June 8, 2022, and as fans have gotten it and started to play they noted a bug made it difficult to move beyond a slice scene about midway through the game.

As first seen by Kotaku, one fan answered to Aspyr’s true Twitter account inquiring as to whether the organization realized the game was phenomenal in its ongoing structure, and Aspyr speedily answered that it realized the game was busted and was dealing with a fix.

Given the first KOTOR II was buggy when it showed up on the Xbox and afterward the PC over quite a while back it’s not precisely a surprise this port is buggy too. In any case, it’s a beautiful newbie mistake to transport a port so buggy players couldn’t finish the game. And keeping in mind that it’s good to know a fix is on the way PowerA’s pastel controllers, there’s no real timetable on when that is.

On the off chance that you got KOTOR II as of late on the Switch I’d propose dialing waaaaay back. You don’t have any desire to raise a ruckus around town where you land on Onderon. You’ll be stuck there some time.

Trama center, oopsies. Aspyr, the engineer/doorman behind the new arrival of Knights Of The Old Republic II on Nintendo Switch, has tweeted that it’s mindful the game is currently difficult to finish.

The Austin-based Aspyr made its name porting exemplary games to new frameworks, most as of late bringing a huge number of Star Wars titles to the Switch. The latest of these is the painfully named however completely wonderful Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, delivered two or three weeks prior.

There is currently no way to finish Star Wars: KOTOR II on the Switch

It was a great exertion from Daniel Moore, who originally inquired as to whether the organization was “mindful there is no way to finish this game?” Aspyr answered with a rather questionable remark about “a known issue that will be tended to in the following patch,” then connecting to its help pages. However, Moore squeezed the studio further, clarifying he was very much aware of the issue, then rehashing his question. Is it safe to say that they are mindful?

It raises a few rather critical questions about the QA on the game, that it very well may be ensured and delivered in a structure difficult to finish. There’s likewise the question of for how long Aspyr has known its item has a game-breaking bug that influences all players, yet haven’t imparted this to potential and current customers. We’ve contacted Aspyr to pose these inquiries.

Nintendo can be especially troublesome with regards to delivering patches for games, which will add to the postponement before this is fixed. However, crikey, what a mistake to have made, but a peculiarly fitting one given the bug-ridden history of this 2004 game. Unquestionably worth holding off getting this wonderful Obsidian RPG until there’s better information.

Aspyr published a note on its help page toward the end of last week saying the studio had gotten player reports of “a game accident happening after the Basilisk Crash cutscene while arriving on Onderon.”

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which was initially evolved by Obsidian Entertainment and published by LucasArts on Xbox in 2004 and PC in 2005, was delivered on Switch recently.

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