Which Class Should You Play in Elyon – Elyon Class in succeeds in something unique. Knowing their assets and shortcomings is significant in this specific MMO. Elyon is a Korean MMO as of late delivered in the west on steam through Kakao games (look at a comparable title releasing soon from Amazon Games). Elyon burst on the scene with a huge open world and outwardly stunning energized battle.
Set in a dynamic and brilliant dream domain loaded up with goliath beasts to kill, Elyon impeccably typifies the RPG MMO kind. Alongside its immense open world and pinnacle based final plan content, Elyon has six classes: Warlord, Slayer, Assassin, Elementalist, Gunner, and Mystic.
Each class is novel with a particular play type and job that helps the player in finishing more troublesome substance. While not all classes are for everybody, there is generally a set meta where certain classes perform better compared to others in various sorts of content. DPS, Survivability, and Utility are everything factors that conclude how much a class is played. Here are every one of the 6 Elyon classes, positioned according to player input and use.

Which Class Should You Play in Elyon

The Archer is one of two ran classes Unbolt Weapon Attachments in Back 4 Blood, and it centers around dealing harm to a couple of targets. While it has abilities that can focus on different adversaries, the Archer functions admirably when it can zero in on a couple of foes all at once.
The Slayer is a skirmish class that works in scuffle DPS. Swinging around huge swords, they are the cutting edge assailants that can cut down gatherings of adversaries, while adequately sturdy to endure adversary assaults.
The Warlord is one more skirmish class fit for fighting numerous foes on the double. Dissimilar to the Slayer, the Warlord is a guarded skirmish character. The Warlord will cause the foe to notice themselves, giving different partners some breathing room while hitting the foes hard.
The Elementalist is one of two sorcery classes, and it is centered around harm. With admittance to fire, power, and ice spells, the Elementalist generally has a response for a foe. Elementalists can likewise target more than one adversary, giving them the capacity to take on gatherings of foes.
Spiritualist is the other sorcery class, and they are eminently the main class that can recuperate with their abilities. While Mystic can utilize hostile otherworldly spells like the Elementalist, their spells are more strong in nature, for example, inflicting poison on adversaries.
The Assassin is another skirmish class that has considerably more prominent actual DPS potential than the Slayer. They can move around the combat zone to get the ideal position, then strike at adversaries for a lot of harm.
Which should you play in Elyon

What class should I play in Elyon?

The best and most exceptionally commended class, Elementalist succeeds in different fields across the entirety of Elyon’s substance. It very well may be viewed as a top-level DPS for farming and inflicts impressive Boss harm inside PvE.
Spiritualist. Spiritualists are the divine healer class in Elyon, however they likewise have a few hostile spells available to them. They can establish adversaries set up, which can be a valuable system for keeping other caster classes safe.

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