HP’s Omen 16 gaming laptop offers, The latest innovation from HP is a product unlike any other: a can of air. Thousands of cans of ‘artisan gaming air’ are available, while supplies last, at airbyomen.com.

The stunt aims to draw attention to the Omen 16, a new gaming laptop introduced earlier this summer that cools itself with ambient air. The rationale: it wouldn’t be smart to put low quality fuel in a new Porsche, would it? So, you need Air by Omen.

Created by Wieden+Kenned, Portland the stunt is supported by three spots that echo Adult Swim humor replete with lo-fi production, dated tropes and surrealism drenched satire. The full-length “Instructional” video shows gamers how to “properly” use an inventive product like Omen Air. The spots were directed by Mike Egan, who has a “deep affinity for oddball characters,” according to his website. The Omen Air spokesman, “Michael Prezentashun,” is a prime example. Prezentashun says in the ad, “the layperson may think a can of air by Omen is empty. Poor babies. They can’t feel the truth.” The shorter ads, “Air is Powerful” and “Crack it Open” are equally absurd, as Prezentashun smells the can’s contents and does his best to show off its versatility and quality.

“We thought it would be fun to subvert the stereotypes of how the bombastic major tech brands announce their new products and innovations. You know, the ones that celebrate that incredible extra half inch of screen or that life-changing extra MP on your phone’s camera,” say Bertie Scrase and Christen Brestrup Save $100 on this 27-inch Samsung, creative directors at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. “We took inspiration from those types of breakthrough announcements and turned the dial to 11 in the most ‘Omen’ way possible.”

Both the spots, and the Omen Air, have officially gone live at airbyomen.com, where fans can get a free four-pack of air until October 31.

“Air—one of the most important substances we need to survive whether it’s in life itself or the world of gaming,” says Ladd Martin, head of global gaming and software marketing at HP. “Not only does air help us breathe – it’s critical to the Omen 16 laptop’s finely crafted cooling system. With this campaign, we want to show gamers everywhere why our new Omen 16 laptop deserves high-quality, artisanal air for the ultimate gaming experience.”

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