Incredible James Bond-Style Maneuver is Pulled off by Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Player With some well-planned rifleman shoot and a leap of faith, a Call of Duty: Warzone 2 player pulled off a spectacular play that was straight out of a James Bond action movie. All at once, dispatching the opposition and securing a helicopter for their squad, fans of Warzone 2 are taking note of the unbelievable clasp.

Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 1 launched on December 14, 2022, mixing up the online shooter’s playlists, bolstering the game’s store, and adding a wealth of new additions and modes for players to jump into.

Arriving under a month after Warzone 2’s November 16 release date, fans are finding the pace of new happy in the game to so far surpass their expectations. The player count has areas of strength for remained, more than 25 million active players five days post-launch.

Not much is realized about what comes next for Warzone 2, however the enigmatic Building 21, supposed to be a separate instanced location from Al-Mazrah in the DMZ game mode, has yet to be completely divulged. Players can obtain keys to this mysterious landmark yet are so far unable to gain passage.

Incredible James Bond-Style Maneuver is Pulled off by Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Player

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Player Pulls Off Incredible James Bond-Style Maneuver

Client drdewd presented their new clasp on Reddit, showing off one of the most frame-ideal instances of heli-jacking at any point acted in Warzone 2. Change Your Call of Duty Mobile Picture Wielding the Signal 50 expert sharpshooter rifle, they sprint across a flat rooftop with twofold pitched bay windows to get into position.

Taking aim, almost immediately after lining up the shot, drdewd discharge multiple times, all finding their mark into the pilot-side windshield of a large helicopter. With a telltale kill-affirmed marker, the player’s best course of action is what takes the clasp from great to legendary.

With omniscient timing, drdewd bounces from the rooftop as the un-guided helicopter careens to the ground. A second before the bird’s imminent collision, they bounce into the vacant pilot’s seat, yanking the rotor back to even out and preventing the vehicle’s brutal blast to the cheers of his squadmates and the trademark horn blare of the UK’s favorite fictional government operative. The outcome is arguably quite possibly of the coolest crossroads in Call of Duty history.

Direct Developer Comms: Trello Board Coming Online

To help WarzoneTM 2.0, Raven Software is set to launch a Trello Board, which will track and give updates on live issues players may have or may experience while playing the game. It will also include Patch Notes, Playlist updates, and XP occasion information. You can visit that Trello Board for these direct communications from the developer here. In addition, bookmark the following page and expect Warzone 2.0 (and Current Warfare® II) Patch Notes to be available here.


Loadout, Circle Collapse, and Gulag Updates. Know how to get those valuable Loadouts, what happens when a circle collapse separates, and ways to endure the new Gulag. Interrogate Your Adversaries. If an enemy is brought down and no one is by all accounts around, have a go at interrogating them to gain intel.

Incredible James Bond-Style Maneuver is Pulled off by Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Player

What is my best chance of seeing combat in a war?

It relies upon what nation you’re in. I’m going to assume that you’re American and go that course, however I would imagine that most nations have powers that parallel what the US has.

Join the armed powers and go for combat arms. Better yet make sure that you get into one of the purported “first class” units like the Rangers/Delta, SEALS, or you could join the more conventional Marines. Mechagodzilla Bundle in Call of Duty: Warzone These folks usually see action first and they see action in any event, during peacetime.

Truly however, be careful of what you wish for. You want to see combat and so you join the army. In the beginning, you won’t be shipped off the battlefield, however have to go through an often grueling and sometimes exceptionally boring training routine. Most probably you won’t really approve of it: no one does.

Combat isn’t a game and you don’t get another “life” to play when you go down. Many times it’s for good, or perhaps more terrible, you get injured or maimed. And while you’re the leading character in your life you’re no one special on the battlefield and no amount of existential invincibility will save you from a random round of hate.

It’s great to be willing to stand with the varieties and battle. Incredible James Bond Yet be aware that you may get what you want and you probably won’t care for what happens.

It ended up being alright, nothing really difficult happened. I went out on four additional 30 day operations and there was significant enemy contact. It was Devine intervention that I wasn’t KIA or WIA.

If an alien race made a horror movie called ‘Human’, what are some ways we might be depicted?

“Presently all of you may be wondering, what exactly is it about Terrans that is so disastrous? They lack the reality-bending innovation of Naronicans. The carapace melting acidity of Tradaxi, or the rapid breeding of the swarms of Quhahilix. The frightening truth is that basically speaking, very little can be generalized about them.”

The Xhorgians watch as a massive screen lowers beside the speaker. Incredible James Bond

“Our government operatives and innovation have been gathering information on Terrans for a long while. Although this presentation is by no means a total wellspring of Terran information. We will be covering some of the general and exceptional adaptations of Terrans. What you are about to see may stun and disturb you.”

The speaker takes a second to apprehensively wipe their carapace before continuing.

“Tales have spread that Terrans are all relatively weak, device reliant, endurance centered creatures with minimal hereditary variety. Concentrates on Terran hereditary variety are inconclusive as of yet. Yet the variety they display in aggregate and capabilities is nothing shy of staggering. Although many Terrans fit the recently referenced depiction. Allow me to share with all of you some exemplary special cases for the reports.”

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