This article is about All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Black Boxes fill in as one of the numerous collectible sets in Horizon Forbidden West. They’re found in plane wreckages right across the guide and contain harrowing sound recordings that catch the minutes just before each plane went crashing down. A portion of the 12 recordings really are difficult to pay attention to, however work effectively of fleshing out the series’ now rich legend.

All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

Black Boxes are an interesting Collectible found inside aircrash locales dissipated all through the Forbidden West, and can be exchanged for Resource prizes at The Maw of the Arena in The Memorial Grove. This segment of IGN’s Horizon Forbidden West aide subtleties everything you really want to be aware of them, including where to find them, how to contact them, and how to move beyond any riddles that may be in your manner.
All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

A dead zone

To find the No Man’s Land Black Box, players ought to make a beeline for the area south of Stone’s Echo and search for some plane destruction there in All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Subsequent to prying make the way for get into the fuselage, they’ll find the Black Box lying on the ground and will actually want to get it by pressing the Triangle button.

The Whitewatch Peaks

The Whitewatch Peaks Black Box is up in the mountains toward the south of the Plainsong Vista Point in All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Players will actually want to focus on the sign using Aloy’s Focus and will then have to move a few trash using the Pullcaster in request to gain admittance to the actual box. You can also read about How to Unlock Flying in Horizon Forbidden West from here.

The Promontory

The Promontory Black Box can be found toward the east of Plainsong, however will take a lot more work to recuperate than a portion of those which went before it. This is additionally one of a few Black Boxes for which players will likewise require the Vine Cutter. Prior to that however, they’ll initially have to find the Energy Cell in the piece heap that is toward the east of the got entryway and afterward place it into the close by opening.

Black Box Rewards

While trading in Black Box Recordings to Untalla, here’s a full rundown of Resources that are accessible on offer in All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West. It’s quite important that every Resource will require one Black Box Recording in return:

The Stillsands

This one requires the Vine Cutter (automatically opened in Main Quest 12: Seeds of the Past). Hit the metal blossom at the entry until it opens up and afterward utilize the vine shaper to obliterate it. This will make the vines disappear so you can enter the destruction. The black box is under a box, you can snatch it with :triangle: and move it away, then, at that point, get the collectable.

The Memorial Grove

You’ll find a Black Box only southeast of The Memorial Grove. It’s in a crashed plane on a stone. Move toward it from behind and move up or do what I did and fly down to it in All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West. No other explicit stuff is required, allowing you to snatch this Black Box right off the bat in your excursion.
All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

Salt Bite

You’ll find a Black Box in the northern piece of the guide, west of Plainsong and the Base, and east of the Bulwark. The settlement it’s found in is actually called Salt Bite, and just your Pullcaster is expected to obtain this. You’ll find it in the plane behind the Hunter seller.

The Raintrace

This is one more Black Box for which you will require the Vine Cutter. While the past plane wrecks were close to at minimum some kind of a milestone or a spot in All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West, the ninth one is in no place with nothing close to it. This makes it somewhat challenging to find.

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