Battlefield 2042: DICE comment on game’s terrible launch. Rebecka Coutaz spoke to Eurogamer about the mishandled launch, which is something the studio really have a history of.

Battlefield 4 also struggled upon its launch until updates figured out how to rescue it while Star Wars Battlefront was saddled with microtransactions that sparked a gigantic backlash from fans.

Battlefield 2042: DICE comment on game's terrible launch

Coutaz has part of the way accused the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, with developers compelled to essentially telecommute to stay safe.

She said: “It is different to telecommute, despite the fact that that is the manner in which we’re working now, it required investment to adjust. What’s more Why Persona 3 Portable Is Getting Ported, it required investment to know how to function admirably together.

“Everyone was disappointed-our local area, our players and our group as well. A group has invested years of their lives into this game.

“What’s more, for that game not to satisfy any hopes from the group or from the players, that was intense. We are pushing ahead and we’ve done a great deal of things since then, at that point.”

She said: “We need to persuade coordinated to have the option to oversee live so that we could continue to fix the game’s wellbeing and to continue to make extraordinary content and quality content for our players.”

The update named Season 1: Zero Hour really sparked a further backlash, per Gamespot, with various players disappointed with the absence of content that it brought; only one new guide was added to the game.

In any case, Coutaz has guarded that, adding: “Some players have said that there was insufficient content, however our focus was truly on the nature of the content. What’s more, I truly think we hit it-we have great criticism from the local area so we feel confident.”

This is the way Battlefield 2042 showed up: In November 202 Battlefield 2042 was released: Das occurred sooner rather than later and needed to rejuvenate the Battlefield series for certain extreme innovations and win back lost trust. In numerous ways, EA clearly also needed to find Call of Duty: Warzone.

Battlefield 2042: DICE comment on game's terrible launch

However, the shooter tumbled to a lousy 68% on testers, inciting a disastrous reaction from fans. Around Christmas 2021, even Battlefield V had a greater number of players on Steam than the “new” Battlefield 2042.

Most importantly, the innovations were dismissed as “This is no longer Battlefield” – at the same time you missed features that were essential for the franchise for a really long time.

In December 2021, EA reported it was conveying another leadership group to get Battlefield in the groove again. For instance, Vince Zampella was installed as the boss responsible for the success of Apex Legends.

In Stockholm at DICE, the Swede Rebecka Coutaz was designated General Manager at EA DICE. She previously ran a Ubisoft studio in Annecy: there, in France, games like The Division and Rider’s Republic were being dealt with.

These suspicions of abandonment have a ton to do with how ineffectively Battlefield 2042 has performed since its launch. EA had promised a great deal of things that had scarcely emerged. While the reception has improved as of late, it’s still not adequate as most fans still need significant changes. Considering this, the local area might absolutely love to realize that DICE hasn’t abandoned the game. For the developers, there is still a ton of work left as they set out to work on the game and make it beneficial for the fans.

While these words will unquestionably be positive for some fans, some are still skeptical. This generally concerns how DICE has dealt with the whole situation so far. Some fans are so frustrated that they believe DICE should abandon the game as opposed to spend additional time attempting to fix it. As a matter of fact, their biggest disappointment is that EA abandoned the incredible Medal of Honor series for this title.

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