Defeating the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact is a difficult task that requires cautious strategy, awareness of the boss’ attacks, and successful collaboration. This guide will give you insights on how to beat the Iron Viscount and guarantee victory in the fight.

How to Beat the Iron Viscount In Genshin Impact

The Iron Viscount’s Attacks and Weaknesses:

The Iron Viscount is an imposing boss with different attacks and abilities. Understanding its assault patterns and weaknesses is critical for a successful fight:

Hatchet Strikes: The Iron Viscount uses its massive hatchet to convey strong scuffle strikes. These attacks can bargain substantial harm, so be ready to sidestep or impede them.

Region Attacks: The boss can unleash region attacks that make shockwaves, harming all characters inside the impacted radius. Watch for visual cues showing where these attacks will land.

Charged Attacks: The Iron Viscount might energize its hatchet assault, managing much more harm and possibly sending off characters into the air.

How to Defeat the Iron Viscount:

Party Composition: Structure a balanced party with characters who can bargain both skirmish and ran harm. Characters with shields, recuperating abilities, and group control skills are also significant.

Evade and Obstruct: Watch out for the Iron Viscount’s assault animations and avoid or impede its strikes appropriately. Timing your dodges is essential to keep away from harm.

Gone Attacks: Use ran characters to go after the Iron Viscount from a good ways. This can assist you with keeping away from its skirmish attacks while managing consistent harm.

Take advantage of Weaknesses: Watch for openings after the Iron Viscount’s strong attacks, as it could be momentarily defenseless. Use these moments to unleash strong attacks or abilities.

Natural Reactions: Coordinate basic reactions with your group to cause extra harm for the boss. Match characters with correlative elements to set off strong combinations.

Swarm Control: Use characters with swarm control abilities to briefly immobilize the Iron Viscount or intrude on its attacks.

Mending and Buffs: Keep your party’s wellbeing up using recuperating abilities and consumables. Buffs that improve assault power or lessen approaching harm can be useful.

Environmental Communication: The fight environment could give opportunities to bargain harm to the Iron Viscount. Focus on objects you can connect with, such as explosive barrels.

Tolerance: Stay patient and observant during the fight. Learning the Iron Viscount’s assault patterns and timing your responses will increase your chances of success.

How to Beat the Iron Viscount In Genshin Impact


Defeating the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact requires a mix of cautious observation, strategic preparation, and successful execution. By understanding the boss’ assault patterns, taking advantage of its weaknesses, and using an even party with diverse abilities, you can arise victorious from this difficult experience. Recollect that each character’s abilities and basic interactions assume an essential part in the fight’s result. With the right strategy and assurance, you’ll beat the Iron Viscount and receive the benefits of your hard-battled victory in the realm of Genshin Impact.

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