Epic Games has made another big acquisition today, albeit the gaming engineer’s most recent buy is likewise one of the weirdest. Since Fortnite turned into a uber hit for Epic Games a couple of years prior, the designer has gradually been grabbing up different organizations from around the globe. And keeping in mind that large numbers of these buys have been attached to gaming (Harmonix, Psyonix, and so on) others have had less to do with the medium. After the present most recent acquisition, however, it appears to be like Epic is attempting to grow its arrive at with regards to music.

Nitty gritty by means of its site, Epic Games reported today that it has now authoritatively bought Bandcamp, which is a site devoted to music distributing for autonomous specialists. Bandcamp has been a stage throughout the long term where anticipated artists regularly share their work chasing developing bigger over the long haul. “Bandcamp’s central goal is to assist with spreading the mending force of music by building a local area where craftsmen flourish through the immediate help of their fans. In Epic, we’ve observed an accomplice who accepts as profoundly as we do that the eventual fate of music, and craftsmanship itself, relies upon the making of fair and comprehensive networks like the one our fans and specialists have assisted with building,” said Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamon of the move. “We’re eager to work close by the Epic group to speed up the acknowledgment of our central goal and seek after our common objective of enabling more makers in a fair and open manner.”

Talking more to why Epic needed to make this buy in any case, organization VP Steve Allison clarified that Bandcamp’s very own lot vision lines up with what Epic needs to do from here on out. “Bandcamp has developed a mind boggling local area and business where and coming specialists can succeed on account of the immediate help of their fans, with one of the most mind-blowing income models and terms in music,” Allison said. “This adjusts intimately with Epic’s way to deal with supporting makers across all media and empowering them to interface straightforwardly with their fans.”
Now, it’s difficult to perceive how Bandcamp being engaged with Epic Games could change either organization later on. Bandcamp has focused on that it will keep on working “as an independent commercial center and music local area,” and that implies that Epic is plainly going to permit the site to continue to work in a similar way as it generally has. Regardless of whether that will change later on is not yet clear, yet this is one of the additional interesting moves that has been made in closeness to the computer game industry in a long while.

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