Instagram says it’s working to fix repeating stories bug. The uplifting news? Apparently Instagram has previously carried out a fix for its repeating Stories issue. An application update delivered on June 15 takes the iOS Instagram application to form 239.1 and says that this new rendition “contains bug fixes and execution enhancements.”

doesn’t explicitly specify the repeating Stories bug, The Verge reports that the update fixes it. We can likewise affirm this in the wake of testing the report on our end.

Instagram says it’s working to fix repeating stories bug

Fix repeating stories bug

As such, in the event that your Instagram Stories are as yet repeating, it merits going to the App Store and downloading the most recent application update. When that’s what you do, your Stories ought to have returned to ordinary.

Update: Added notice of the Instagram update delivered on June 15, which seems to fix the repeating Stories bug.

Instagram Stories have been getting out of hand for certain clients on iOS, making it so they need to rewatch every one of somebody’s stories before they’re ready to see new ones. The issue has impacted a few Verge staff individuals since Monday Google changing its calendar, and some Reddit clients have detailed exactly the same thing is going on to them.

On Wednesday morning, Instagram delivered an update in the App Store that appears to have settled the issue. Assuming you’re having issues, make a point to check for the update and check whether your application is on the most recent variant, which is 239.1. The update’s notes just say, “The most recent variant contains bug fixes and execution upgrades,” however Verge staff members and others via web-based entertainment say it has finished the repeating Stories issue.

Meta representative Christine Pai told The Verge in an email that the organization is “mindful that certain individuals are experiencing difficulty getting to Instagram Stories.” Pai said Instagram is “working to restore things once again as fast as could be expected” and apologizes for the bother.

The underlying problem is by all accounts that Instagram doesn’t recall where you left off while review somebody’s stories. For instance, in the event that one of my companions has posted five stories and I take a gander at four of them prior to swiping ceaselessly, the following time I tap on their symbol, I ought to see their fifth story. All things considered, Instagram is presently making me revisit the four I’ve proactively seen each time I go to see the story. The issue likewise manifests when somebody presents another story on their feed.

Instagram says it’s working to fix repeating stories bug

As we portrayed yesterday, the bug has implied Instagram isn’t recalling which Stories have been seen by clients so it continues to show a similar Story again and again every time somebody shares new satisfied.

Meta/Instagram has known about the issue and said it was working on a fix.

Instagram repeating Stories bug fix
Clients managing the bug will love to hear that Instagram has delivered another iOS update earlier today that seems to incorporate the repeating Stories bug fix.

To no one’s surprise, the delivery notes for rendition 239.1 simply say “The most recent adaptation contains bug fixes and execution enhancements.” However, the group at The Verge and others online are seeing the bug settled.

Elsewhere in the world, Instagram parent organization Meta has supposedly stopped its work on an Apple Watch competitor. While that wearable was said to incorporate highlights like movement following, informing, GPS, and Spotify reconciliation, it additionally had aggressive camera plans.

“A prototype of the now stopped gadget incorporates double cameras, a critical differentiator from market pioneers like the Apple Watch. One camera was situated underneath the showcase and one more sat on the posterior against the wearer’s wrist, as per pictures and video of a prototype seen by Bloomberg.”

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