In this guide we will talk about How to Get 6th Builder COC. COC is an online multiplayer strategy game where players try to take down their opponents using a range of strategies. Creating and upgrading structures is one of the most enjoyed aspects of constructing a base.

Builders are expected to build and upgrade structures in the game. Previously, clients could only purchase up to five builders with pearls. Following the Builder base upgrade, the game gave players the chance to unlock a 6th builder.

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game, in which players utilize attacking strategies to destroy opponent bases while also constructing their own base to guard against foe attacks. Creating and upgrading structures is one of the most enjoyable aspects of constructing one’s own base.

Builders are required to build and upgrade structures in Clash of Clans. Previously, clients could only purchase a maximum of five builders with pearls. Following the Builder base upgrade, Clash of Clans gave players the chance to unlock a 6th builder.

how to get 6th builder coc

How to get six builders in Clash of Clans

You cannot expect to progress in Clash of Clans without builders. Change Scenery in Clash of Clans While relying on one or two builders is not an issue in the early game, the amount of upgrades increases significantly after a point and the best way to save your time is by unlocking all six builders.

You start your Clash of Clans journey with just two builders and can purchase three more builders with 500 (third), 1000 (4th), and 2000 (5th) pearls. Money spenders can directly purchase Pearls from the shop and the F2P community can focus on removing obstacles from the bases and completing challenges from the Profile.

After you’ve unlocked the five builders in Clash of Clans with Pearls, this is the way to unlock the sixth one with the assistance of Builder Base.

Unlocking the sixth builder in Clash of Clans

You must upgrade your Builder Hall in the Builder Base to Lv. 9 to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans. There are two approaches to do this:

  • Gradually build your Builder Base by upgrading all structures and then finally upgrading the Builder Hall.
  • If your goal is to only unlock the sixth builder, just place all the compulsory buildings on the base, and without upgrading them, race to Builder Hall 9.

Upgrade O.T.T.O Hut in Clash of Clans

There are four tasks that you must complete to upgrade your O.T.T.O. Hut to even out 5 in Clash of Clans. These include:

  • Task 1: Gear up an Archer Tower, a Mortar, and a Cannon in your Home Base with Gold. Mortars must be level 8 or above to be geared up and you can do so only after reaching Town Hall 10.
  • Task 2: Upgrade your Builder Base’s Cannon Cart to even out 18. To complete this quickly, you can choose to burn through all your Elixir on the Cannon Cart in the Star Laboratory.
  • Task 3: Upgrade Mega Tesla to even out 9 with the assistance of Builder Base Gold. To quickly complete this task, you can hurry to Builder Hall 9 while only focusing on upgrading the Mega Tesla with Gold.
  • Task 4: Upgrade your 6th Builder COC Base’s Battle Machine to even out 30. To do so, you’ll require over 64,000,000 Elixir.

At Builder Hall level 9, Clash of Clans players will unlock a building called O.T.T.O. Hut for their Builder Base. Upgrading this building helps in unlocking the sixth builder for your Home Base.

how to get 6th builder coc

Best attacking strategies for your Builder Base in Clash of Clans

Because you’ll require a ton of Elixir and Gold to upgrade your O.T.T.O. Hut in Clash of Clans, it is important to learn some attack strategies that can help in getting the desired amount of loot.

A line of Barbarians followed by Giants and Bombers. Once the troops enter the base, deploy Cannon Carts and the Battle Machine. Change your Name on Clash of Clans Make sure to utilize the Battle Machine’s ability as soon as it becomes available.

Drop Ship followed by Minions for a simply aerial attack. The former has a lot of HP and can act as a safeguard wall for the Minions that can deal quick damage to structures. Also, deploy the Battle Machine as soon as other troops enter the base.

If you have completely upgraded Baby Dragons, you can make an entire army of these dragons and attack bases. The Battle Machine can provide the much-required additional support.

How do I get a sixth builder in Clash of Clans?

To upgrade the O.T.T.O hut to lvl 5, you will have to max your builder machine to lvl 30, your cannon cart to even out 16 and gear up a mortar, an archer tower and a cannon and at last upgrade your Mega Tesla to lvl 9

It’s a lot harder than paying 4000 jewels. You get OTTO HUt in Builder hall 9 in builder base (unlocks at town hall 4) and then you upgrade to even out 5, while completing 4 extremely time consuming tasks, namely:

Upgrading mega tesla to even out 9, cannon cart to even out 18 (so a level 9 star laboratory and level 7 builder barracks), battle machine to even out 30 and gear up of the cannon, mortar and archer tower (so you really want level 7 cannon, level 10 archer tower and level 8 mortar in home village and level 6 archer tower, level 4 double cannon and level 8 multi mortar in builder base, so minimum town hall level required for 6th builder is 10). Good karma with the grind!

What are some of the best Clash of the Clans tips?

Trophy pushing is on you but if you want more loot then try to stay low or in lower league with cheap army like archers , barbarians, goblins and giants . like for th7-8 silver II or silver I is best, th9 – gold 1 , th10 crystal league , th11 – master league.

for th8 and above , here is an advice that i use ..

Boost your hero and find dead bases , drop your hero/heroes near the collectors , collect the loot and end the battle … Do this again and again and you might feel flooded with gold and elixer .

good clan is also vital for self improvement because clan castle troops help a lot in war or simple attack or protection . try to join active clan like mine (till th4 you can involve balloons in your cc and finish almost any th4 base with your cc troop only ) :p … .

dont ignore builder base or clan games . they help a lot in earning pearls . the first thing you should do in builder base is rebuilding the jewel mine and upgrade it

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