This guide is about How to Get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe. To enhance the appearance and functionality of your Kubrow, obtaining a Kubrow Collar is essential. This guide will furnish you with information on what a Kubrow Collar is, how to acquire it, and the advantages it offers in Warframe.

How to Get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe

What is a Kubrow Collar?

A Kubrow Collar is an accessory that can be prepared on your Kubrow companion. It adds a one of a kind visual flair to your shaggy companion while also providing additional functionality and advantages.

How to Get a Kubrow Collar:

Follow these moves toward obtain a Kubrow Collar in Warframe:

Research the Kubrow Collar Blueprint: Visit the Orokin Lab in your Clan Dojo and access the control center to start researching the Kubrow Collar Blueprint. Note that you should be an individual from a Clan and have the necessary permissions to access Clan Dojo facilities.

Gather the Necessary Assets: When the research for the Kubrow Collar Blueprint is finished, you can access the Clan Dojo’s Foundry. Open the Foundry menu and locate the Kubrow Collar Blueprint. Guarantee you have the necessary assets to construct the collar, which typically include normal assets and credits.

Craft the Kubrow Collar: Select the Kubrow Collar Blueprint in the Foundry menu and initiate the crafting system. Adhere to the on-screen instructions to finish the crafting, which may call for a particular amount of investment before the collar is ready for use.

Prepare the Kubrow Collar: When the Kubrow Collar is crafted, go to your Orbiter’s Arsenal. Select the Kubrow you wish to outfit with the collar, navigate to the Appearance segment, and find the choice to prepare the Kubrow Collar. Affirm your determination, and the collar will be applied to your Kubrow companion.

How to Get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe


Acquiring a Kubrow Collar in Warframe is a straightforward yet rewarding cycle. By researching the Kubrow Collar Blueprint in your Clan Dojo, gathering the necessary assets, and crafting the collar in the Foundry, you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your Kubrow companion. Equipping the collar through the Arsenal menu allows you to partake in the visual customization and additional advantages it gives. Thus, make it a point to on this excursion and give your loyal Kubrow a stylish and functional accessory in the exciting universe of Warframe.

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