Palworld is a game that combines creature collecting, farming, and survival in an open-world setting. Ancient Technology Focuses (ATP) are a valuable in-game currency utilized for various purposes, including upgrading tools, unlocking new features, and advancing in the game.

How To Get Ancient Technology Points In Palworld

Ways to Earn ATP:

A. Exploring Ancient Ruins:

Investigate Ruins:

Investigate ancient ruins scattered all through the game world.

Investigate these ruins to discover stowed away technology and earn ATP.

Settle Riddles:

A few ruins may contain riddles or challenges. Address these riddles to gain ATP rewards.

B. Trading with NPCs:

Visit NPCs:

Interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game world.

A few NPCs may offer ATP in exchange for certain things or resources.

Participate in Trade:

Engage in trading activities with NPCs, offering things they want as a trade-off for ATP.

C. Completing Quests:

Mission Participation:

Accept and complete quests offered by NPCs or mission boards.

Quests may reward you with ATP upon successful completion.

Uses of ATP:

A. Upgrading and Repairing Tools:

Tool Enhancements:

Spend ATP to upgrade and enhance your tools, making them more efficient.

Further developed tools can increase productivity and effectiveness in various in-game activities.

Repairing Gear:

Use ATP to repair damaged tools and gear.

Regular maintenance guarantees your tools remain in optimal condition.

B. Unlocking New Areas and Features:

Area Expansion:

Spend ATP to unlock and access new areas within the game world.

Expanding your exploration range gives access to exceptional resources and challenges.

Unlocking Features:

ATP may be expected to unlock new game features, such as advanced crafting choices or creature-related abilities.

Unlocking features enhances gameplay and movement.

Tips for Maximizing ATP:

A. Efficiently Managing Time and Resources:

Focus on Activities:

Focus on activities that yield higher ATP rewards, such as exploring ruins or completing lucrative quests.

Manage your in-game time efficiently to maximize ATP gains.

Resource Optimization:

Use resources admirably to avoid unnecessary costs.

Balance resource gathering with ATP-earning activities to maintain a sustainable movement.

B. Joining Forces with Other Players:

Cooperative Play:

Team up with other players to tackle challenging activities.

Cooperative play can lead to more efficient completion of quests or exploration of ruins, bringing about increased ATP earnings.

Common Challenges and Arrangements:

Resource Management:

Plan your resource usage carefully to avoid unnecessary costs.

Focus on high ATP-yielding activities to make the a large portion of your efforts.

Mission Difficulty:

Choose quests that align with your current capabilities.

Joining forces with other players for challenging quests can increase success rates.

Trading Efficiency:

Distinguish valuable things for trading with NPCs to maximize ATP gains.

Watch out for NPC preferences and adjust your trading strategies accordingly.

How To Get Ancient Technology Points In Palworld


Ancient Technology Focuses (ATP) are a crucial currency in Palworld, enabling players to upgrade tools, unlock new areas, and enhance gameplay features. By efficiently exploring ruins, engaging in trade, and completing quests, players can accumulate ATP for strategic speculations. Balancing resource management and collaborating with other players are key strategies for maximizing ATP gains. As you dig into the vibrant universe of Palworld, make the vast majority of your ATP to advance, flourish, and unlock the maximum capacity of your in-game experience.

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