One of the sought-after weapons in the game is the Avtomat, a strong and lethal rifle. In this aide, we will investigate how to obtain the Avtomat, how to open it, and give tips on really using it in your hunts.

How to get the Avtomat in Hunt: Showdown

Finding the Avtomat:

The Avtomat can be found as a high-level weapon in Hunt: Showdown. To increase your possibilities finding it, follow these means:

Hunt Agreements: Participate in undeniable level Hunt Agreements and Manager Agreements, as they have a more noteworthy probability of yielding important weapons like the Avtomat. These agreements are more challenging however offer more prominent prizes.

Plunder Containers: Investigate the game world and quest for plunder boxes in compounds, supply points, or other checked regions. These cases get an opportunity of containing uncommon weapons, including the Avtomat.

Crushed Players: if you experience and rout other players during your hunts, they might be carrying the Avtomat. Plunder their bodies to guarantee the weapon for yourself.

Unlocking the Avtomat:

The Avtomat can likewise be opened through ongoing interaction movement and explicit accomplishments. This is the way to open it:

Bloodline Rank: Increase your Bloodline Rank by earning experience points through fruitful hunts, completing agreements, and surviving matches. As you progress through the positions, new weapons and hardware, including the Avtomat, will open up for procurement.

In-Game Money: Amass sufficient in-game cash, known as Hunt Dollars, to open the Avtomat. This cash can be procured by completing agreements, looting important things, and effectively extracting from matches.

Using the Avtomat:

Whenever you have obtained the Avtomat, understanding its mechanics and use it successfully in your hunts is urgent. Think about the following:

Capability and Reach: The Avtomat is a powerful rifle equipped for dealing huge harm. It succeeds at medium to long-run commitment, making it reasonable for eliminating targets from a good ways.

Ammunition Protection: The Avtomat utilizes exceptional smaller ammo. It’s essential to moderate ammunition and make the most of each shot, as finding extra ammo during a match can challenge.

Draw back Administration: Because of its high pace of fire, the Avtomat has significant force. Work on controlling the force by utilizing short explodes or tapping the trigger instead of firing in full auto. This will assist with maintaining exactness and increase your possibilities hitting targets.

Tips for Using the Avtomat:

Consider these tips to expand your viability with the Avtomat:

Secrecy and Cover: Position yourself decisively and exploit cover to minimize your openness while using the Avtomat. Snare unsuspecting foes or draw in them from disguised positions to gain a benefit.

Group Coordination: Impart and coordinate with your colleagues while using the Avtomat. Its capability can be instrumental in suppressing adversaries or providing cover fire while your partners flank or reposition.

Headshots and Flimsy spots: Go for the gold guarantee speedy and proficient kills. Also, a few animals in Hunt: Showdown have flimsy spots that can be targeted for most extreme harm. Get to know the various adversaries and their weaknesses.

How to get the Avtomat in Hunt: Showdown


Obtaining and successfully using the Avtomat in Hunt: Showdown can altogether upgrade your ongoing interaction experience. Via searching high-level plunder cartons, defeating other players, progressing through the Bloodline Rank, and accumulating Hunt Dollars, you can get this strong rifle. Make sure to save ammunition, oversee backlash, and influence its long-range abilities

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