High On Life Release Date Xbox Our next portion of Roiland unruliness is nearly upon us as the Rick and Morty maker’s latest game is practically out on Xbox and PC. And in the event that you have Game Pass you will actually want to bounce in through the assistance once the High On Life Release Time shows up.

However, in the event that you are simply hoping to know when you can hop in, the High On Life release time is set for 00:00 GMT on December 13, 2022, and 19:00 ET, 16:00 PT on December 12 as per the Xbox Store. That way you can countdown to the game and prepare for some action-pressed FPS action.

The game will release on Steam on PC at 12 AM PT, 3 AM ET, 8 AM GMT on December 13, 2022, so you can expect it to have the option to play alongside others reasonably soon later. It ought to likewise open up on Game Pass simultaneously.

We will surely be hopping in to see exactly what the group at Squanch Games has concocted for us with High on Life on Game Pass. And, the length of High on Life is seeming to be Squanch Games’ longest title yet so it ought to keep us and everyone occupied over the Christmas and New Year break.

high on life release date xbox

High On Life Release Date Xbox Game Pass and PC Countdown PDT, EST, UK GMT

Initially announced recently, High On Life is a story-driven single-player first-person shooter created by the co-maker of Rick and Morty, focusing on a send off on December 13 this year.

Coming to PC and Xbox consoles, players can partake in this entertaining shooter at send off for nothing by means of a Xbox or PC Game Pass subscription. You can look at the exact release season of the game for every stage down underneath:

Xbox/PC Game Pass:

  • North America: December 12 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
  • Europe: December 13 at 12 am UTC/1 am CET
  • Eastern Asia and Oceania: December 13 at 9 am JST/11 am AEDT/1 pm NZDT

The selection of games is huge and then you have XBOX exclusives like Corona, Pinion wheels of war, Forza series and so on. Is Choo Choo Charles On Xbox The console has in reverse similarity highlight. So you can play the majority of your #1 XBOX 360 games on XBOX One.

PC (Steam):

  • North America: December 12 at 11 pm PT or December 13 at 2 am ET
  • Europe: December 13 at 7 am UTC/8 am CET
  • Eastern Asia and Oceania: December 13 at 4 pm JST/6 pm AEDT/8 pm NZDT

On the off chance that you are planning to purchase High On Life, it is currently accessible for pre-request on Microsoft Store for $59.99. Sadly, the pre-request option is not accessible on Steam, which is the reason why we don’t have the foggiest idea about the cost for it. It is conceivable that the Steam version of High On Life opens up at a less expensive value contrasted with the console version.

There is no pre-request bonus for the game. Likewise, it includes no higher-level edition. On the off chance that you are a Game Pass supporter or have currently pre-requested the game, you can begin preloading the information on your console or PC.

Regardless of the game’s interesting look, High On Life has gotten a +16 rating from PEGI because of its strong language and references to drugs. All things considered, this is a sort of humor from the Rick and Morty co-maker that we are discussing. In this way, assuming you have watched Rick and Morty as of now, you understand what you ought to expect from High On Life.

high on life release date xbox

Why did Xbox release the Xbox Day One Edition?

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What is an honest review of the Xbox One X?

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The controllers are fueled by AA batteries rather than inbuilt battery-powered ones which a great deal of YouTube reviwers consider as a disadvantage. On the other hand it is an advantage.

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