Dive in Genshin Impact is as of now here and players are now diving into the submerged place where there is Enkanomiya, which includes a lot of new world missions, each revealing a greater amount of the dim mysteries lurking around its many shadows. So, to finish the final area of the planet mission “The Phaethons’ Syrtos”, players need to obtain the Divine Bridle. We will currently let you know how to get the Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact:
You can get the Dive in Genshin Impact adaptation 2.4 by completing the world mission “Hyperion’s Dirge”, which can be set off by lighting up the two torches situated beneath the main mainstay of the Dainichi Mikoshi, and afterward talking to Aberaku, the NPC inside the secret room. The region is watched by 2 Ruin Guards. It is additionally great to point out that he will just show up “around evening time”. Subsequent to talking to him, he will request that you assemble three stores, the Offering Stone Of The Narrows, the Offering Stone Of The Temple, and the Offering Stone Of The Serpent’s Heart, which should then be set in the three support points behind him.
how to dive in genshin impact

How to Dive in Genshin Impact

In the ‘center’ portable games space, it’s surprising for a title to appear suddenly and dominate the market. Enter the Chasm Underground Mines a large portion of the greatest hits amass their prosperity continuously – or are supported by deeply grounded distributers with abundant resources.
Dive in Genshin Impact is one of those intriguing special cases. The Open World RPG, made by Chinese designer miHoYo, was first delivered in September 2020. It showed up with little flourish and hardly any advancement. Yet, in the ensuing year and a half, the portable form was downloaded around 115 million times by gamers in 174 nations, across iOS App Store and Google Play.
Its history in adaptation has been much more great. Dive in Genshin Impact has made colossal progress with its enormous, totally allowed to-play RPG interactivity, upheld by a vigorous ‘gacha’ specialist, in which players spend in-game money to get exceptionally helpful intriguing characters and virtual things. The model assisted Genshin Impact with becoming the #2 round of 2021 by customer spend across iOS and Google Play, and #1 in Q1 2022.
Dive in Genshin Impact is a thing that you can get in Genshin Impact when you do the world journey Hyperion’s Dirge close to the Enkanomiya locale, where you will be expected to look and present three offering stones by completing the mission.
how to dive in genshin impact

Can you dive down in Genshin Impact?

High level development methods like “rabbit hopping” even exist, yet the characters of Teyvat still can’t seem to dominate fundamental diving. Players are simply ready to swim across the outer layer of water in Dive in Genshin Impact (until their stamina is exhausted).
Here, players will not have the option to bounce back onto the stage on the grounds that the shade of the steps will forestall climbing. From here, players just have to drop down into the water (press X on PC). The person will then drop to the bottom of the ocean.

How do you get Annemoculus under water?

Go to the ocean side and you will see a little island in the distance. Except if you have a great deal of stamina, you can not arrive at it by gliding or swimming. Instead, utilize Kaeya’s freezing expertise to stroll over the water. When you’re on the island, go to the ruins on the east and use Anemograna to get the Anemoculus.
The principal thing you want to do is light four torches that you can find nearby, so for this you will require a Pyro character. You can find one in the main ruined building, close to the steps that run up from the water. The subsequent one is on the left stage that will be lowered when you show up nearby.

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