This article is concerning How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark. Clearing strikes and earning grants from them is a basic piece of players’ development in Lost Ark. One such attack that players can try without fail is the Ghost Ship assault. Essentially, three Ghost Ships show up step by step on the aide at a good region, and players can clear the mission to get a couple of sweet rewards.

How to Find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark

Assuming you open your aide while sailing, you’ll see three ships that almost line up vertical on the west side of the aide. These are How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark.


All things considered, you can see Ghost Ships once you open Procyon’s Compass, which happens around when you open sailing.
The three ships have thing level necessities that you’ll need to hit before you can really hurt any there. They’re according to the following:

  • Terrible dream Ghost Ship: 460
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: 960
  • Whirlwind Ghost Ship: 1,370

All Ghost Ship regions

Disregarding the way that Ghost Ship strikes grant players to get sweet rewards, they can very test. Whenever you arrive at right around How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark, a cutscene will show up, and you can board the boat of death after it.
Inside the attack battle, you need to beat a horde of enemies before the main chief brings forward. The overall fight can be outstandingly tricky, so come prepared. Furthermore, there is a period limit for each attack, and disappointment in defeating every enemy within the given time span will bring regarding a bombarded assault.
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This is the potential loot you can get from a ghost transport:

  1. Unbound Destruction Stones
  2. Unbound Guardian Stones
  3. Bound Training Auxiliary Materials
  4. Ilyakhan Legendary Card
  5. Gallant Seal Book
  6. Incredible Seal Book

Where to find Nightmare, Shadow, and Tempest Ghost Ships

As shown above, Ghost Ships are marked on the aide with a little dark vessel picture indicating Nightmare Ghost Ships create North of the Sea of Procyon, Shadow Ghost Ships show up East of Feiton, finally, Tempest Ghost Ships spring up Southeast of Punika.
Recollect these ships simply produce once as expected, so it could take a lot of tirelessness to find one.
After you in everything fact in all actuality do find a Ghost Ship, we recommend that you set up Eibern’s Wound boat, and enroll bunch individuals with the Fighter: Ghost Ship limit. While this isn’t crucial it will help you in battle and simplify the event.
How to Find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark

Where Do You Find Ghost Ships?

The main thing you truly need to be acquainted with Ghost Ships is that they simply create each unassuming bundle of hours at the top of great importance How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark. That intends that there will be times when you’re parked on the particular spot where a Ghost Ship can at last produce yet won’t interact with it until it truly does.
In any case, you’ll need to open the ability to truly voyage a boat in Lost Ark. That should happen not long after you complete the Wavestrand Port questline (which rewards you with your first boat and sends you out to the sea). You’ll in like manner need to get your character’s thing level up to 460, which is a mark you won’t have the choice to hit until you’ve partaken in several Chaos Dungeons and raised your thing level through honing.

Region and loot

At the point when you’re into the Tier 2 substance, you can clash against the Shadow Ghost Ship. The Lost Ark Shadow Ghost transport works ins a near way as its ancestor.
The Lost Ark Shadow Ghost transport rewards are furthermore similar to the Nightmare Ghost Ship. But, this boat instead gives you T2 honing gear How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark, close by T2 honing gear accomplishment probability, close by more fantastic class and battle engraving books. You need to have a thing level of 960 to challenge this boat, and that suggests you tolerably progressed through level 2 substance.


Before you think about finding the Lost Ark Ghost Ships, it justifies making sure you have hit the trigger that opens them. It’s suggested that you truly need permission to the Lost Ark ships, and will moreover need to help your pre-arranged thing level to 460. Lost Ark Harmony Shards are normal for this, however there are as yet a couple of extra guidelines for unlocking Ghost Ships.
Your boat ought to show up at level two from partaking in A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark, which are ventures that can be started by talking to the Queen of North Vern, which is a northern continent. In this way, you can go out for the Rohendel continent, which opens a ton more final stage content, and, clearly, Ghost Ships.

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