Here, we will show you How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch. Have you at any point been streaming and wondered who precisely is watching your stream? Or on the other hand who is in a stream that you are watching. In this article I will show you how to see who precisely is watching your or another stream utilizing either Twitch or Streamlabs.

How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch

To check who is watching you on Twitch, take a gander at the icon at the top right of the visit section that seems to be two stick figures How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch. This section will show you each person in the talk. You’ll see their usernames, as well as their classification, for example, “Telecaster,” “Staff,” and “Moderators.”

To see the total number of viewers in the stream, simply take a gander at the red number straightforwardly under. As may be obvious, 28,272 individuals are watching in the screen capture underneath:

How to Check Your Analytics

Checking your Analytics is basic yet critical to your development on the stage. Examination show you the socioeconomics of individuals who are partaking in your content or following them.

Use Twitch Stats to Up Your Game

The Channel Analytics tool on Twitch can assist you with understanding what your viewers like. You will get a full rundown of details Rambo On Twitch, including the typical time spent by a watcher, your greatest watcher count, the time you spent streaming, and substantially more.

Here is the full rundown of accessible details:

Normal Viewers: The typical number of viewers who watched your whole stream

Live Views: The total number of viewers you had while streaming

New Followers: The quantity of viewers who visited your stream interestingly

Max Viewers: The most extreme number of viewers for a solitary stream

How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch

How To See Who Is Watching A Streamer On Twitch

To see the clients in the visit of another decoration, follow these means:

Go to the channel of the decoration you need to see the rundown of viewers for How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch.
Go to their stream visit and snap on “Clients in Chat” situated at the top of the talk (an icon seems to be a person with a shadow).
A rundown that incorporates the telecaster (decoration), moderators and clients (viewers) will be shown.

Clients in Chat

Clients in Chat are shown by tapping the Community icon situated at the top of Twitch talk. This is the rundown of individuals connected to your visit How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch, and is counted independently from Viewer Count. This rundown only incorporates signed in Twitch clients that have connected to your visit – including prowlers How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch, anyone that has talk jumped out of the video page, or in talk only mode on cell phones.


These incorporate watcher, supporter, and babble counts in view of your latest live. Contrast these numbers with past streams with see how powerful you’re dynamically becoming at transforming viewers into adherents.


In light of your latest stream visits, this covers normal viewers, new adherents, and the sky is the limit from there. This is especially valuable to research what sort of conversations/content was gushed around a specific time that might have contributed to an expansion in devotees.

How to see viewers on Streamlabs?

Streamlabs lets you feel free to see total watcher count across stages by adding a Viewer Count gadget to your stream. This gadget incorporates information across stages like YouTube, Twitch, and so on How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch, and shows the total watcher count. You might set watcher count targets, and urge your crowd to welcome their companions to join the stream so you hit your watcher targets.

This last technique is basic – simply do a yell out of the person’s name on the stream to inquire as to whether they are on. They can answer on the talk to inform you as to whether they are seeing your Twitch stream.

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