The Gallo Tower Stage Best Build For Vampire Survivors. On April fifth another stage was added to Vampire Survivors for players to attempt to make due. This stage, named the Gallo Tower, works uniquely in contrast to the others. Though the past levels were either open regions or bound stages that lengthy left and right endlessly, the Gallo Tower reaches out all over the place.
The format of this stage requires another build; due to the direction as well as because of the new foe types that populate the Gallo Tower Stage. This build will exploit the new weapon advancement for the Runetracer, which was presented alongside the Gallo Tower.
This build centers around a weapon that assaults foes along an upward assault vector – the Song of Mana. This goes with Poppea the ideal decision for this build since the Song of Mana is her beginning weapon. The Gallo Tower is a restricted space, so any weapons that kick back, similar to the Runetracer and Bone, are more compelling in this stage.
Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Gallo Tower Stage

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Gallo Tower Stage

Gallo Tower is a fresh out of the box new stage added to Vampire Survivors in the new April update. A more gothic-looking stage than anything that is preceded, Gallo Tower is the most troublesome level to date and probably the hardest test in the game. In any case, how would you open the Gallo Tower.
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To open Gallo Tower, you want to have opened the Dairy Plant. Then, with any person, level up to even out 60 on a go through the Dairy Plant. You don’t have to beat the stage, you simply need to even out to 60. You’ll open another accomplishment called Gallo Tower for finishing this, and the stage will be opened next time you start a run.
The best method for accomplishing this is ensure you get the Crown Passive Item and furthermore have the Growth Power Up maximized. This will give you more experience, which makes evening out far simpler. The Hyper Mode for Gallo Tower can be opened by beating the Giant Enemy Crab that brings forth at 25 minutes into a Gallo Tower run. Hyper Mode in Gallo Tower has +80% Gold and +10% Luck rewards, making it incredible for gold cultivating.
Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Gallo Tower Stage

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