As indicated by another report, the new PS4 update, which Sony delivered last week, fixes perhaps the greatest issue with the PlayStation console. Recently, it was found that your PS4 was delivered pointless if your CMOS battery kicked the bucket and you had no Internet association. Obviously, except if PlayStation closes down and takes PSN with it, this ought to never be an issue, yet in certain theoretical circumstances, it’s a colossal issue, and one that caused a great deal of caution in the PlayStation people group recently.
To this end, PlayStation has purportedly fixed the issue with the latest PS4 update without telling anyone. Over on Twitter, PlayStation clients – including YouTuber Destruction Games – has transferred word that as of the update, this issue with the control center seems to have been helped.
“Soooooo it resembles the 9.0 PS4 firmware update fixed the CBOMB issue,” composes Destruction Games on Twitter. “Tried it on my PS4 with a dead battery and games are done smashing on startup and I can even procure prizes, albeit the prize acquire dates will be clear. My date while booting my PS4 was 1969 and 5:00 PM which is the default date and time the PS4 depends on with a dead battery, so my battery is certainly still dead. I have additionally had a couple of others who have tried it themselves say that advanced games likewise work!”
While different haves repeated this case, it hasn’t been affirmed by Sony itself. All things considered, if Sony did exclude this fix in the fix notes of the update – which it didn’t – it’s impossible it will discuss it now. In any case, when and if more data surfaces, we will refresh the story appropriately. Meanwhile, for more inclusion on everything PlayStation – including the most recent on the PS4, yet the PS5.

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