Here, we will find out How to Reset Xbox 360 Without Turning it On. There are times when you might have to totally eradicate and restore your Xbox console, for example, when you offer it or give it to a companion. There additionally might be times when you need to reset your console’s working framework (OS) to its factory defaults, however you need to keep your introduced games and applications. Xbox gives a simple method for performing the two actions.

How to Reset Xbox 360 Without Turning it On

Resetting your console to its factory defaults deletes all records, saved games, settings, and home Xbox associations on Epic games. Anything not synchronized with the Reset Xbox 360 organization will be lost. Your console synchronizes with the Xbox network automatically when it’s connected with the help, so on the off chance that you’ve been disconnected for some time, connect to the Xbox administration prior to making these strides.

How to Reset Xbox 360 Without Turning it On

Reset your Xbox 360 to factory settings on the off chance that you’re selling it or encountering significant issues. This will erase everything on the Xbox 360, yet it won’t eliminate parental restrictions. To eliminate parental restrictions, you’ll have to demonstrate to Microsoft that you are approved to eliminate them. See the following section for subtleties.

Back up anything you need to save. Resetting your Xbox 360 to factory settings will erase everything on it. Prior to continuing, ensure you back up anything you need to keep.[1]
Connect an outside USB hard drive to your Xbox 360 so it shows up as a storage gadget.
Press the Guide button on your controller and select the “Settings” tab.

Pick “Framework Settings,” select “Storage,” and afterward select your Xbox 360 hard drive.
Select “Move Content” and afterward select your outer hard drive.
Select what you need to move and afterward click “Begin.” You might need Reset Xbox 360 wait some time for the exchange to finish.

How to Reset Xbox 360 Without Turning it On

How to Reset your Console to Factory Defaults

If ready to do it with your controller (wired since remote isn’t functioning), you can pick keep my games and applications without losing anything. However long you play while connected to Xbox Live you won’t lose any recoveries as these are in the cloud. If you
can’t get a controller to connect by any means Use Your Xbox Co-Pilot Mode, you should utilize a USB to push the factory reset through (connected in the solution above).

Things to be aware before a reset

Prior to resetting the gadget, you want Reset Xbox 360 initially get yourself mindful of resetting the gadget. What precisely occurs with the gadget subsequent to resetting it?

Presumably the entirety of your information and your settings become reset and when you betray once more, it is like it was before when you got it just from the market.

Ensure that on the off chance that you have some kind of programming or investigating issues, you can just tackle them by clearing the reserve. You don’t actually have to reset the gadget until you truly want to do as such.

Factory Reset physically into the settings

For physically resetting your Xbox, you want to follow steps in-screen:

Pick settings then framework from the dashboard screen of the Xbox 360
Then, at that point, pick storage
After that ensure you feature the Memory Unit
Then, at that point, select Device Options by squeezing Y on the controller.
Select Format
An admonition will show up, the console will caution you that all that will be taken out. Select Yes
This option eradicates everything from the framework. The organization settings as well as the information will be restored.

Factory Restore of X-Box 360

To do this, what you will believe should do is clear Reset Xbox 360 out your hard drive. At the point when the dashboard loads, go to the memory section and select storage gadgets.

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