Players tries to skewer esports with an awkward mix of humor and drama. The whole time I watched Players, another Paramount Plus show about cutthroat League of Legends, I continued feeling like something was somewhat off.

Players is a mockumentary about Fugitive Gaming, a made up group that is an individual from the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), the North American wing of professional League of Legends esports. A significant part of the show spins around the connection between Creamcheese (Misha Brooks), a reckless veteran who has been a star of the group since its establishing, and Organizm (Da’Jour Jones), an enigmatic new kid on the block who vows to be one of the most incredible ever players. (American Vandal creators Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault are the personalities behind Players.)

You might have watched a ton of sports stories investigating this sort of unique, and Players loyally hits many of the imprints you could anticipate. I’ve been following the LCS for a really long time, and I was eager to watch a games show in an esports setting. Yet, the show has a couple of issues that make it hard to tell what its identity was made for, and the imaginary occasions can feel less energizing than what as of now occurs in the association.

Players every now and again depends on coarse humor, and I wish it hadn’t. Creamcheese often makes inconsiderate or heartless jokes with a wicked smile all over, yet they for the most part crash and burn. There’s a drawn out piece about a player peeing in bottles so they could play more League of Legends.

I get that the show centers around socially awkward individuals, yet the adolescent humor appears to be antiquated in a show that likewise commends what’s really cool about esports. On the other hand, many dramatic minutes land 8BitDo announces Bluetooth, particularly later on — I ended up getting for Creamcheese through a few troublesome times — and I wish the scholars had leaned into that angle more.

While Fugitive Gaming is a made up group, they contend in a world that has many of the signs of the genuine LCS — and that felt constantly strange to me. Genuine LCS casters (essentially commentators however for esports) call matches in the show and are consulted for the “narrative” about Fugitive Gaming. Long-lasting League of Legends fans will perceive appearances from Scarra, LilyPichu, and a couple of other notable figures in the more extensive LCS people group, and they all go about as though Fugitive does, as a matter of fact, exist.

The most bizarre part was watching Fugitive contend with genuine LCS groups that have made-up players. Without the genuine programs, each with their own histories and storylines similar to what Fugitive goes through in the show, most matches simply didn’t have the stakes I feel while observing even the most horrendously terrible LCS groups play one another.

Players tries to skewer esports with an awkward mix of humor and drama

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