Steve Irwin dressed up as ‘Glenn Glamour’ to walk around zoo, son Robert says. Presently 18, the most youthful son of Australia’s darling croc tracker Steve Irwin, who kicked the bucket in 2006, has gotten out of his brand name khakis and postured for his very first fashion shoot with Stellar magazine on the spot at Australia Zoo on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Steve Irwin dressed up as ‘Glenn Glamour’ to walk around zoo, son Robert says

In the colossal and on occasion close to home meeting, Irwin uncovered he is as much a fashion fighter as a natural life one, advising Stellar he’s now starting to procure a standing in his well known family as a style-creator.

“I’ve really become known as the fashionable Irwin,” he uncovered with his notable enthusiasm.

“My father wasn’t precisely a fashion symbol Twitter Debuts Branded Likes, yet he was notable simply in the way that he made khaki cool.”

Robert says his advantage in the extraordinary idea of one’s garments was really something he got from his renowned dad who had demigod level distinction in America.

“He had a modify inner self called Glenn Glamor,” Robert trusts.

“He would place in dentures, a hairpiece, this crazy multi-hued raincoat, the most bizarre jeans and truly crude shoes.

“What’s more, that is the way he would get around the zoo and nobody would see him since he was simply wearing the most crazy thing. In this way, amusingly, the seriously thrilling and exploratory you are with your fashion, the less individuals will remember you – basically for me.”

Robert, who wasn’t so much as three years of age when his dad was killed at 44 years old by a stingray while shooting a narrative on the Great Barrier Reef in 2006, likewise opened up on how he has felt his dad’s nonattendance most intensely in the last two years.

“Since I am somewhat venturing into adulthood, having turned 18, and exploring that is hard enough [but] when you are in my circumstance, and you don’t have a mentor to direct you through, it’s truly hard.”

Steve Irwin dressed up as ‘Glenn Glamour’ to walk around zoo, son Robert says

In March 2020, he walked his sister down the walkway when she wedded her long-term beau Chandler Powell.

“You do that kind of stuff and think, ‘That was Dad’s work. That wasn’t mine’,” he said.

He says Bindi is presently encouraging Robert to pick up the pace and track down his unique somebody, too.

“She’s like, ‘You’re 18, Robert, what’s happening? Get a move on!'” he laughs.

“By 18 she and Chandler had proactively been together for a couple of years. In this way, it happened pretty speedy [for Bindi to find love]. Yet, that happens only very rarely.

“Thus, I’m actually looking. I’m in no rush. It’ll happen when it works out.”

The full meeting and shoot should be visible inside The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Herald Sun (VIC), The Sunday Mail (QLD) and Sunday Mail (SA) this end of the week.

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