No Man’s Sky is a well known open-world investigation and survival game created by Hi Games. In the game, players can overhaul their exosuit, which is a multi-utilitarian suit that provides security from hazardous environments and allows for investigation of various planets. Upgrading your exosuit can give you extra inventory slots, worked on natural security, and improved capabilities. This is the way you can get upgrades for your exosuit in No Man’s Sky.

How To Get Upgrades For Exosuit In No Man's Sky

Drop Pods

Drop Pods are scattered all through planets in No Man’s Sky and frequently contain exosuit upgrades.

  • Search for drop pods while exploring planets.
  • Interact with them to get an overhaul module for your exosuit.
  • Drop Pods require “Antimatter” crafting material to be opened, which can be obtained through story quests or purchased from vendors in space stations.

Space Stations

Space Stations are enormous structures found in each star system in No Man’s Sky and proposition exosuit upgrades.

  • Inside the space station, search for vendors that sell exosuit overhaul modules.
  • Overhaul modules are accessible for purchase using Units, the in-game cash.
  • More significant level space stations might offer better or further developed exosuit upgrades.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities will be facilities found on planets that offer exosuit redesign blueprints.

  • Find a Manufacturing Office by using a Signal Booster or by discovering them while exploring.
  • Interact with the terminal inside the office and choose the “Learn Recipes” choice.
  • Successfully solve the riddle or answer the questions to obtain blueprint recipes for exosuit upgrades.

Nexus Missions and Anomaly

The Nexus is a multiplayer center in No Man’s Sky where players can collaborate and finish missions.

  • Access the Nexus on the Space Anomaly, a huge ship that appears randomly in star systems.
  • Complete Nexus missions to procure Quicksilver, a special money.
  • Use Quicksilver to purchase interesting exosuit redesign modules from the Quicksilver seller on the Space Anomaly.

Base Building

Building a base can give access to exosuit upgrades through specialized terminals.

  • Establish a base on a suitable planet and construct an Exocraft Terminal, Rural Terminal, or Science Terminal.
  • Recruit and assign a NPC specialist to the terminal.
  • Complete missions and quests for the NPC specialist to acquire blueprint recipes for exosuit upgrades.

Salvaged Technology

Salvaged Technology is an important resource that can be tracked down covered on planets.

  • Use the Analysis Visor on your Multi-Tool to scan for covered technology.
  • Uncover the covered technology using the Terrain Manipulator or by using the High level Mining Laser on your Multi-Tool.
  • Trade Salvaged Technology at the Construction Research Unit in your base for blueprint recipes, including exosuit upgrades.


Nanites are a kind of cash that can be used to purchase exosuit upgrades.

  • Procure Nanites by scanning greenery, uploading discoveries, and completing missions.
  • Visit the Nanite Seller on space stations or the Anomaly to purchase exosuit overhaul modules using Nanites.
  • Nanites can also be used to overhaul existing exosuit upgrades for better performance.

How To Get Upgrades For Exosuit In No Man's Sky


Upgrading your exosuit in No Man’s Sky is essential for survival and investigation. By utilizing drop pods, space stations, manufacturing facilities, Nexus missions, base building, salvaged technology, nanites, and different opportunities, you can upgrade your exosuit’s capabilities and safeguard yourself from hazardous environments. With a completely updated exosuit, you’ll be better prepared to investigate the vast universe of No Man’s Sky and uncover its mysteries.

Note: The accessibility of exosuit upgrades and the methods to obtain them might fluctuate depending on the game version and updates. Always check the latest fix notes and in-game information for the most modern information on obtaining exosuit upgrades.

I trust this article helps you in your quest to overhaul your exosuit in No Man’s Sky! Blissful exploring!

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