In this article I will explain you where to find warzone keycards on rebirth island. The Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded fix update presented a shiny new Easter Egg vault on the Rebirth Island Reinforced map, offering worthwhile prizes for groups or players who effectively open it, including Loadout Drop Markers, an Advanced UAV, Specialist Bonus, Munitions Box and $25,000 in Cash.
Normally, opening these prizes will make you very strong from the get-go in the game. Notwithstanding, opening the Vault expects that players first find three keycards, Perseus, Vikhor’s and The Forgotten Keycards, each situated in different pieces of Rebirth Island Reinforced.
As mentioned before, there are three keycards that you should find. In outline, Vikhor’s Keycard is situated in Headquarters, The Forgotten Keycard is situated in Bioweapon Labs, and in conclusion, the Perseus Keycard is situated close to Nova 6 Factory.
You can find Vikhor’s Keycard in Headquarters, the first Easter Egg Vault location. The Keycard is situated inside the fortification, in the lower deck of Headquarters, on the table by the guide. Likewise, you can find the Red Room Milano Blueprint inside.

Where To Find Warzone Keycards on Rebirth Island

In this tutorial you also read How to Increase your Chaos Level in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The hidden little treats are generally galore in Call of Duty titles, and Warzone is the same. Indeed, even on its more modest, secondary guide Rebirth Island, there’s a pleasant hidden goody chase to be made in each game. It’s totally optional and possible won’t influence the result of a game in any huge manner, however it’s something pleasant to accomplish for players hoping to find a touch more in a round of Resurgence.
The Rebirth Reinforced map update inspired some cool new plunder things to be found by means of exceptional keycards spread around the guide. Fortunately, they all bring forth in a similar spot, so they can be seen as each game, however this additionally intends that there will generally be a not kidding competition to get them. Here’s where to find each of the three keycards and the vault where they’re utilized to get some sweet plunder.
Where to find Warzone Keycards on Rebirth Island
Rebirth Island vault location
The vault is found in the Stronghold region of the guide, as far as possible in the southwest corner. It’s set apart on the guide above with the main. The vault is behind an entryway within the principle floor of the structure checked, and each of the keycards should be brought to this location to acquire their prizes.
Vikhor’s Keycard location
The first Rebirth Island vault is presently opened for all, and this room will contain Vikhor’s Keycard and Red Room diagram for the Milano SMG. The structure is found in the Headquarters region of the guide and it’s set apart on the guide above with the number two. This keycard opens the center vault in the vault room.

Where is the real rebirth island from Warzone?

‘Rebirth Island’; Kazakh: Возрождение аралы, Vozrojdenie araly; Uzbek: Vozrojdeniye oroli) was an island in the Aral Sea. The previous island’s territory is parted among Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Collect The Code And Open The Bunker On Rebirth Island
000 – 00 – 000.

Where is the keycard on Warzone?

To acquire Vault Keycard 1, make a beeline for Nakatomi Plaza and you ought to have the option to get a contract called ‘Incomplete Business’ external the front of the structure. This contract will lead you to three cartons; when you open the third one, you ought to get the Keycard.
It’s out with the new and in with the more current, as new holes guarantee Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 will update its guides and eliminate the fan-most loved Rebirth Island. While its an obvious fact Warzone is in a touch of scratch right currently on account of repeating takes advantage of and the standard protests of programmers running overflowing

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