Baldur’s Gate 3 is a legendary pretending game set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, featuring a rich storyline, diverse characters, and a world loaded up with investigation and experience. Hand Crossbows are gone weapons that can be used by certain characters in the game, providing a versatile choice for battle encounters.

All BG3 Hand Crossbows Locations in Baldur's Gate 3

Starting Location for BG3 Hand Crossbows:

Druid Woods:

One of the early locations where you can find a Hand Crossbow is in the Druid Woods.

Investigate the region completely, including tents and containers, to discover likely weapons.

Hidden Locations for BG3 Hand Crossbows:


Venturing into the Underdark area might prompt discovering hidden Hand Crossbows.

Really look at various locations and interact with characters to uncover possible leads.

Goblin Camp:

The Goblin Camp is another region where Hand Crossbows might be found.

Investigate the camp’s various sections, including tents and lootable containers.

Rewards and Benefits of Finding BG3 Hand Crossbows:

Increased Battle Options:

Hand Crossbows give characters extra went battle options.

They are especially useful for characters with proficiency in went weapons.

Versatility in Fight:

Hand Crossbows allow characters to take part in went battle while retaining the capacity to use a free hand for different actions.

Tips for Finding All BG3 Hand Crossbows:

Intensive Investigation:

Search everywhere in the game world, as Hand Crossbows might be concealed in hidden spots.

Participate in Dialogs:

Participate in conversations with NPCs to assemble information about likely locations for Hand Crossbows.

NPCs might give hints or direct you to hidden stashes.

Use Character Abilities:

Characters with high Insight or Investigation skills might make some easier memories finding hidden items.

Use these characters to lead the investigation efforts.

Common Challenges Faced When Searching for BG3 Hand Crossbows:

Restricted Accessibility:

Hand Crossbows probably won’t be promptly accessible in each location, requiring players to effectively seek them out.

Battle Encounters:

Some areas might be watched by hostile creatures, posing challenges to investigation.

Be ready for battle encounters when searching for Hand Crossbows.

All BG3 Hand Crossbows Locations in Baldur's Gate 3


Exploring the vast universe of Baldur’s Gate 3 to find Hand Crossbows adds an additional layer of profundity to the interactivity. Careful investigation, engaging in dialogs, and utilizing character abilities are essential strategies for discovering these important went weapons. Overcoming challenges and uncovering hidden locations will remunerate players with increased battle versatility and add to a more immersive and pleasant gaming experience in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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