Trek to Yomi is a side-scroller activity game with an incredible story about affection and vengeance. The battle is genuinely straightforward in this game, however the story holds you as you play the game. Here you play as Hiroki, who is set on the experience to kill the warlord and get his retribution.
Despite the fact that the main story doesn’t change that much, there are various endings to the game. Trek to Yomi These endings give you different cutscenes depending on your picked way during interactivity. Likewise, they choose the inspiration for killing your final adversary, also known as the warlord Kagerou.
There is a total of three endings, and they needn’t bother with any additional means to open. Other than that, there is additionally a mystery ending you can get. In any case, getting that is way harder than the main three ones. Here is an aide on how to get all four ending in Trek to Yomi.
The main four endings are surprisingly easy to get. All through the game, there are a couple of ways you really want to browse. Be that as it may, in the end, they don’t make any difference. The main way that matters is the final remaining one, situated in “Section 6”.
How to get all four endings in Trek to Yomi

How to Get all Four Endings in Trek to Yomi

The way to beating Trek to Yomi forks at two or three points, Survival Item in Apex Legends for a total of four distinct endings. Three of them boil down to a specific decision — these are self-evident. What you probably won’t understand is that there’s a mystery fourth ending you can get too. Peruse on to figure out how to open all four.
The fourth ending actually comes a whole lot sooner, toward the finish of Chapter 3 Trek to Yomi. This is whenever you’ll first face Kagerou as a samurai yourself, and you’re intended to lose the battle — getting trapped in a single one of his multi-hit combos will finish you off. However, it is conceivable, but extremely challenging, to win this battle. It’s much the same as the primary period of the Kagerou Demon supervisor fight at the game’s finale. He has two main assaults: the previously mentioned combo and singular, weighty cuts.
For the combo, your smartest option at this stage is to simply roll away. For the single strikes, repel and counter to bargain harm. Search for the obvious glint, and you could very well have the option to end up as the winner. Doing so gets you an extraordinary, early ending that we won’t ruin by the same token. Now, Trek to Yomi you’ll need to reload your old save record and willingly lose the battle to see the other game’s sections.
How to get all four endings in Trek to Yomi

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