This article teaches you about How to change chat text color in Valorant. Customizations in-game has become one of the significant points for players. In allowed to mess around like Valorant the players cant truly step up their personality to be more grounded than the others. The main thing that players can do is make their characters look extraordinary in the game by the customizations accessible to them How to change chat text color in Valorant. Valorant colored text is one of the numerous customizations accessible in the game. Many need to figure out how to change text color in Valorant.
How to change chat text color in Valorant

How to Change Chat Text Color in Valorant

There is an exceptional method for using Valorant colored text in a chat. There are codes accessible that players can glue to change text color in chat. The players should simply glue the code and in the field where text is composed, they can supplant that with anything message they need to put How to change chat text color in Valorant. This will then change text color in chat for the message. Look at all the Valorant Colored text codes players can use underneath:
Red: Text
Blue: Text
Yellow: Text
Green: Text
Pink: Text

How to involve emoticon in Valorant chat

To involve emoticons in Valorant, a player needs to combine the Alt key and a number on the console. For instance, when a player squeezes Alt + 3, a heart emoticon will show up. Alt + 4 will bring about a spade, etc.
As well as changing the color of your text, you can likewise involve emoticons in VALORANT. Press and hold your ALT button on How to change chat text color in Valorant number to look at every one of the emoticons accessible in VALORANT.

Textual style color codes

Valorant is loaded with little pieces that add a touch of flavor to the game. Whether it’s secret bears just distinguishable by messing about How To Use Smokes Effectively in Valorant in spectator mode, or a Sykkuno-inspired divider splash, there’s continuously something new to find.
What’s more, Valorant gives numerous customization choices to players, too, with skins, skin overhauls and weapon mates all allowing players to show off their characters and accomplishments within the game.
However, How to change chat text color in Valorant this most recent piece of customization is significantly more specialty, as players can change the textual style color in Valorant text chat.
How to change chat text color in Valorant

What labels to use for the different chat colors in VALORANT

The in-line code for changing the text’s color is genuinely straight forward. Players need to type in the particular text type that brings up the particular color in-game. For instance the foe tag is red and the warning tag is green. The change is within the text tag, players can add numerous labels for different colors in a single text too.
The particular characters required and their corresponding text type are as per the following:
<enemy> red </>
<team> blue </>
<system> yellow </>
<notification> green </>
<warning> purple </>
<whisper> likewise purple </>
<self> light yellow </>

How Can You Manage Chat Commands in Valorant?

Valorant chat orders can prove to be useful in numerous circumstances. You can utilize some to customize your messages further and others with an essential capacity in-game How to change chat text color in Valorant. Here is a rundown of some fundamental Valorant chat orders. Observe that the quotes are just there to imply the order and that you shouldn’t involve them in chat.

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