Resident Evil 4 is known for its intense and challenging gameplay, yet assuming that you find the difficulty level too tough or too simple, the game offers choices to change it to your liking. In this aide, we’ll walk you through how to change the difficulty settings both from the main menu and within the actual game.

How to Change Difficulty in Resident Evil 4

Main Menu

Boot Up the Game: Begin by launching Resident Evil 4 from your gaming foundation of decision.

Arrive at the Main Menu: Trust that the game will load and arrive at the main menu screen.

Changing the Difficulty Setting

Select “Story” or “Separate Ways” (Depending on Your Advancement): In the main menu, you’ll have the choice to begin the main game (“Story”) or the Different Ways side story. Your difficulty choices will vary somewhat depending on which mode you pick.

Pick Your Difficulty: When you select either “Story” or “Separate Ways,” you’ll be provoked to pick a difficulty level. Resident Evil 4 offers a few difficulty choices, ordinarily including:


Proficient (opened in the wake of completing the game on Ordinary)
Affirm Your Determination: In the wake of selecting the difficulty level you like, affirm your decision. The game will then begin with the new difficulty settings.

In-Game Changes

To change the difficulty level while playing Resident Evil 4, you can do as such from the Choices menu.

Stop the Game: During gameplay, press the delay button to get to the in-game menu.

Select “Choices”: Explore to the “Choices” or “Settings” menu.

Change Difficulty: Search for the difficulty settings within the Choices menu. You ought to see a choice to change the difficulty level. Pick your ideal difficulty level from the accessible choices.

Affirm Your Determination: Affirm the changes, and the game will change the difficulty settings accordingly.

Continue Playing: Subsequent to making the changes, leave the menu and resume playing the game with the new difficulty settings.

How to Change Difficulty in Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 furnishes players with the adaptability to customize their gaming experience by adjusting the difficulty level both from the main menu and within the game. Whether you’re looking for a more loosened up gaming experience or an increased test, changing the difficulty settings permits you to fit the game to your inclinations and abilities. Partake in your experience in the Resident Evil universe!

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