Blue chickens are a one of a kind and outwardly appealing expansion to your ranch in Stardew Valley. Their energetic blue plumes make them stand apart among different animals and can add a touch of appeal to your ranch. In this aide, we will investigate how to obtain blue chickens, what to do with them, and why you should add them to your ranch.

How to Get Blue Chickens In Stardew Valley

How to Get Blue Chickens:

To obtain blue chickens in Stardew Valley, follow these means:

Redesign Your Coop: Before you can have blue chickens, you want to overhaul your coop to essentially the Huge Coop. Visit Robin’s Craftsman Shop in Pelican Town and select the coop overhaul choice. Assemble the expected materials and pay the charge to redesign your coop.

Buy a Void Chicken: When your coop is updated, visit Marnie’s Farm, found south of the Craftsman Shop. Converse with Marnie and buy a Void Chicken from her. Void Chickens get an opportunity to deliver blue eggs, which will ultimately incubate into blue chickens.

Incubate Blue Eggs: When you have a Void Chicken and blue eggs, place the blue eggs in an incubator inside your coop. The eggs will require a couple of days to bring forth, so make a point to furnish them with food and water while they incubate.

Care for and Raise the Chicks: When the blue eggs have incubated, you will have adorable blue chicks. Try to give them legitimate consideration, including feeding them everyday, letting them wander outside, and ensuring they approach a radiator during winter.

What to Do With Blue Chickens:

Blue chickens offer a couple of advantages and valuable open doors in Stardew Valley. Think about the following:

Blue Plumes: Blue chickens get an opportunity to create blue quills, which are a crafting material utilized in different recipes. These quills can be utilized to make things like clothing, furniture, and even color for other livestock.

Style and Ranch Stylistic layout: Blue chickens add visual variety and excellence to your homestead. Their one of a kind appearance can improve the general style of your coop and make your homestead stick out.

Completionist Objectives: In the event that you appreciate completing accomplishments or collecting all suitable things in Stardew Valley, obtaining blue chickens can be a satisfying objective to pursue.

How to Get Blue Chickens In Stardew Valley


Blue chickens are a magnificent expansion to your homestead in Stardew Valley, offering visual allure and potential crafting materials. By upgrading your coop, purchasing a Void Chicken, incubating blue eggs, and caring for the chicks, you can add these special and charming animals to your homestead. Partake in the excellence and uniqueness they bring, use their blue quills in crafting recipes, and luxuriate in the fulfillment of completing your assortment. Embrace the delight of blue chickens in Stardew Valley and watch your homestead prosper with their presence.

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