Pokemon Sleep introduces a new interactivity component called Candy, which is fundamental for enhancing your Pokemon’s performance and capacities. This guide will give you insights on how to obtain Candy in Pokemon Sleep.

How To Get Candy In Pokemon Sleep

What is Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep is a versatile game created by The Pokemon Organization that urges players to follow their sleep designs. The game prizes players with different in-game things, including Candy, in light of their sleep quality.

How to Get Candy in Pokemon Sleep:

Sleep Tracking: The essential method for obtaining Candy in Pokemon Sleep is by consistently tracking your sleep. Make a point to leave the game running while you sleep, and it will quantify the quality and span of your rest.

Completing Sleep Objectives: Pokemon Sleep lays out sleep objectives for players, encouraging them to establish solid sleep propensities. Achieving these objectives will remunerate you with Candy and different things.

Take part in Occasions: Look out for extraordinary in-game occasions and advancements connected with sleep tracking. Participating in these occasions can procure you additional Candy as remunerations.

Everyday Login Prizes: Pokemon Sleep might offer day to day login rewards, including Candy, for players who sign in routinely. Actually look at the game everyday to guarantee these prizes.

Tips for Getting More Candy in Pokemon Sleep:

Consistent Sleep: To boost your Candy rewards, establish a consistent sleep plan. Hold back nothing measure of sleep every evening.

Sleep Climate: Establish a comfortable sleep climate that advances tranquil sleep. This can add to more readily sleep quality and possibly higher Candy rewards.

Partake Effectively: Draw in with the game by completing sleep objectives and participating in occasions. The more effectively you partake, the more Candy you can acquire.

Set Reminders: Set reminders to begin and stop sleep tracking in the game to guarantee exact tracking and ideal prizes.

How To Get Candy In Pokemon Sleep


Candy in Pokemon Sleep assumes a urgent part in enhancing your Pokemon’s capacities, making it a fundamental asset for any player. By consistently tracking your sleep, achieving sleep objectives, and participating in occasions, you can amass Candy to fortify your Pokemon and make progress in the game. Recall that maintaining sound sleep propensities helps your in-game advancement as well as adds to your general prosperity.

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