Minecraft 1.20 introduces the new Spire Armor Trim, an improving thing that can upgrade the presence of your armor. This article will direct you on how to obtain Spire Armor Trim and give instructions on duplicating it within the game.

How To Get & Duplicate Spire Armor Trim In Minecraft 1.20

Section 1: What is Spire Armor Trim?

Spire Armor Trim is an embellishing part in Minecraft 1.20. It tends to be applied to armor pieces, adding a novel visual impact. The Spire Armor Trim can be obtained through unambiguous means and afterward duplicated for comfort.

Section 2: How to Get Spire Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20:

To obtain Spire Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20, follow these means:

Find a Spire: Spire Armor Trim can be found on the new designs called Spires, which create in certain biomes. Investigate the world to find these tall tower-like designs.

Enter the Spire: Enter the Spire by climbing the external flight of stairs or breaking through the walls.

Find the Chest: Within the Spire, look for a chest that contains the Spire Armor Trim. The chest can for the most part be tracked down on the upper levels of the construction.

Gather the Spire Armor Trim: Open the chest and recover the Spire Armor Trim thing.

Section 3: How to Duplicate Spire Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20:

Duplicating Spire Armor Trim permits you to have different duplicates of this beautiful thing. Follow these means cautiously:

Plan for Duplication: Accumulate the vital materials for duplication, including the Spire Armor Trim and a stock of Ender Pearls.

Make an Ender Pearl Duplication Arrangement: Fabricate a stage something like three blocks high and put a bed on it. Stand on the bed and toss an Ender Pearl straight into the air.

Duplicate the Spire Armor Trim: While the Ender Pearl is in mid-air, immediately change to your inventory and drop the Spire Armor Trim thing. The Ender Pearl will slam into the thing, causing it to duplicate and tumble to the ground.

Recover the Duplicated Things: Get the duplicated Spire Armor Trim from the beginning.

Note: Duplicating things in Minecraft is viewed as an endeavor and may not work in later updates or on multiplayer servers. Utilize this strategy mindfully and consider the ramifications it might have on your interactivity experience.

How To Get & Duplicate Spire Armor Trim In Minecraft 1.20


Spire Armor Trim is a new enhancing thing introduced in Minecraft 1.20. By exploring Spires and locating the chest within, you can obtain the Spire Armor Trim. Also, the duplication technique outlined in this article permits you to make different duplicates of the thing for your benefit. Make sure to exercise alert while using duplication strategies, as they may not be intended by the game engineers and can have unintended outcomes. Appreciate customizing your armor with the exceptional Spire Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20!

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