Get League Tokens Overwatch 2, second season has brought a large group of new happy, including a scope of beauty care products, voice lines, and a fresh out of the plastic new legend. Close by these new increments, the Overwatch League Store has likewise brought back a portion of its most notorious and recently vaulted Incredible skins.

To assist players with saving on these select skins in Overwatch 2, the store has additionally introduced two new packages: the Heroes Group, which includes Zhulong Sombra and Midas Roadhog, and the Meta Group, featuring Goat Brigitte, Great and Abhorrent Reverberation, and Harmony nakji Zenyatta.

How to get League Tokens Overwatch 2

What Are Overwatch 2 Overwatch League Tokens?

Overwatch League Tokens are an extraordinary kind of in-game money planned explicitly for use on Overwatch League Skins. While most beauty care products in Overwatch 2 expense Overwatch Coins or Overwatch 2 Heritage Credits, Overwatch League Skins must be opened with Overwatch League Tokens.

How to Earn League Tokens in Overwatch 2

There are two methods for obtaining League Tokens assuming you’re thinking of purchasing a portion of these elite skins. The first is to exploit Overwatch 2’s occasional Jerk Drop crusades. You can verify whether one is ongoing by going to the Jerk Drop page here.

Intermittently, particularly during the League season, you’ll have the option to watch decorations and gain Overwatch League Tokens for doing so. Sadly for the people who are seeking to net a couple of free League Tokens, there are at present no Jerk Drop crusades that can assist with padding your computerized wallet.

However, for the individuals who need to hold on until the following Jerk Drop crusade prior to purchasing, it’s critical to take note of that how much League Tokens you’ll get per Drop occasion is probable too low to buy one skin. Watching one entire hour on Jerk during a mission will just net you 5 League Tokens. However, in the event that you watch a total of 30 hours, you’ll get 100 League Tokens. That is an incredible responsibility, yet insufficient to buy the skin you have your eye on. In any case, essentially it diminishes the cost.

How to get League Tokens Overwatch 2

The main other choice players need to capture these restricted time skins is to go through the shop and buy League Tokens straightforwardly. 300 League Tokens means $18 USD, yet that is comparable to different skins in the Overwatch shop.


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