In the endurance game Enshrouded, Lumps of Clay are fundamental assets utilized for crafting different things and designs. Collecting these clay stores is vital for your movement in the game.

How To Get Lumps Of Clay In Enshrouded

The Importance of Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded:

Lumps of Clay act as a central material for crafting things like stoneware, building structures, and creating tools. As a flexible asset, clay is a vital component in your endurance and improvement within the game.

How to Obtain Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded:

Locating Clay Stores:

Investigate various districts within the game to find normal clay stores.

Look out for regions close to waterways or wetlands, as clay is regularly tracked down in such conditions.

Using Tools:

Prepare a digging tool or another fitting tool to remove clay starting from the earliest stage.

Interact with the clay store, and your personality will gather Lumps of Clay.

Strategies for Finding and Collecting Lumps of Clay:


Adventure into different conditions, particularly regions with water sources or clammy terrain.

Clay stores might change in size, so investigate completely to find rich clay sources.

Tool Effectiveness:

Specialty and use tools explicitly intended for gathering clay proficiently.

Upgrading your tools can improve your clay collection speed.

Season of Day:

Consider that perceivability might vary in view of the hour of day in Enshrouded.

Upgrade your clay gathering during sunshine for better perceivability.

Crafting with Lumps of Clay:

Stoneware and Crafting Stations:

Use Lumps of Clay to make ceramics things, containers, or crafting stations.

Crafting stations might empower you to make further developed tools or designs.

Building Materials:

Combine Lumps of Clay with other assets to make building materials.

Develop sanctuaries, walls, or other designs to upgrade your endurance in Enshrouded.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Collection:

Storage The executives:

Convey storage containers to deal with your inventory proficiently while collecting clay.

Update your storage ability to stay away from regular outings this way and that.

Asset Gathering Courses:

Lay out productive courses for asset gathering, including clay.

Plan your investigation to cover numerous asset types during each outing.
Overhaul Tools:

Focus on upgrading your gathering tools to increase productivity.

Overhauled tools might give extra advantages, like quicker gathering or better returns.

How To Get Lumps Of Clay In Enshrouded


Lumps of Clay assume an essential part in Enshrouded, serving as a central asset for crafting and development. By exploring various conditions, using effective tools, and decisively managing your assets, you can amplify your collection of clay and upgrade your capacities within the game. Embrace the endurance challenges, explore different avenues regarding crafting, and construct a versatile base to flourish in the perplexing universe of Enshrouded.

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