Helldivers 2 is a helpful top-down twin-stick shooter game set in a procedurally created universe. It involves intense strategic gameplay as players cooperate to finish procedurally produced missions in a unique conflict against a procedurally created outsider foe.

How to Play Stratagem Hero in Helldivers 2

Introduction to Stratagem Hero:

Stratagem Hero is one of the specific classes in Helldivers 2. This class is centered around deploying different stratagems, which are strong help capacities that can reverse the situation of fights. Stratagem Hero succeeds in providing strategic help to the group, and mastering this class requires viable utilization of stratagems.

Choosing the Right Loadout for Stratagem Hero:

Stratagem Determination:

Pick stratagems that supplement the group’s methodology and the mission goals.

Think about a blend of offensive and cautious stratagems for flexibility.

Weapon Loadout:

Select weapons that permit you to add to battle actually.

A sidearm with respectable harm or a utility-centered weapon can be valuable.

Support Advantages:

Prepare advantages that upgrade your capacity to send stratagems or work on your survivability.

Consider advantages that diminish cooldowns or increase the adequacy of stratagems.

Understanding the Gameplay of Stratagem Hero:

Deploying Stratagems:

Utilize the stratagem wheel to choose and send different help capacities.

Be mindful of cooldowns and use stratagems decisively founded on the evolving circumstance.

Group Coordination:

Speak with your group to coordinate the sending of stratagems.

Inform partners of your arranged stratagem use to keep away from duplication.


While zeroed in on help, be ready for battle circumstances.

Utilize your weapon loadout and guarded stratagems to remain alive during commitment.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Stratagem Hero:

Focus on Goals:

Center around deploying stratagems that straightforwardly support mission goals.

Adjust your stratagem loadout in view of the mission type and objectives.

Use Cautious Stratagems:

Utilize cautious stratagems to safeguard your group during tough experiences.

Safeguard generators, turrets, and region refusal stratagems can make safe zones.

Map Mindfulness:

Know about the mission map and the areas of partners.

Send stratagems decisively to cover key regions or help colleagues.

Combining Stratagem Hero with Other Classes:

Group Cooperative energy:

Coordinate with other classes to make a balanced group.

Support classes like Doctors or Specialists can supplement the capacities of Stratagem Hero.

Specific Jobs:

Dole out unambiguous jobs to each class, ensuring that the group covers generally fundamental capabilities.

Adjust your system in light of the classes accessible in your group.

How to Play Stratagem Hero in Helldivers 2


Playing as a Stratagem Hero in Helldivers 2 requires a sharp understanding of the mission, successful correspondence with colleagues, and key organization of help capacities. By choosing the right loadout, mastering stratagem use, and coordinating with your group, you can turn into a significant resource in the conflict against the outsider danger. Embrace the strategic difficulties, adjust to changing situations, and add to the progress of your group in the powerful universe of Helldivers 2.

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