This article is about How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring. Elden Ring Eleonora’s Poleblade is a Twinblades weapon that does Standard, Strike harm with the Skill (Bloodblade Dance). Eleonora’s Poleblade will require Strength 12, Dexterity 21, and scales in light of Strength E, Dexterity D, Stats.

How to Get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring

The initial step to getting this weapon is to converse with Yura under the huge stone piece in Limgrave close to Lake Agheel. This can be seen as only south of Lake Agheel and the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. In the wake of exhausting his discourse here, travel north up the ravine that associates with Lake Agheel. Heading up thusly, you will get invaded by Bloody Hunter Nerijus. Following a minute, Yura will bring forth in and assist you with defeating Nerijus.
How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring
When the battle is finished, converse with Yura under the stone chunk further up the ravine. Once more exhaust his exchange here. Presently comes the critical step, you should battle Flying Dragon Agheel to finish up his journey in this space. Battle Flying Dragon Agheel at Lake Agheel in How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring. You can call Yura for this battle yet it isn’t required. When the mythical serpent is crushed, converse with Yura again at his spot close to the lake.


  1. Weapon Skill: Bloodblade Dance
  2. This weapon can’t be infused with Ashes of War
  3. Eleonora’s Poleblade can be redesigned by using Smithing Stones
  4. Scaling is as of now messed with, just works of crude details.

Where is Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring

Now that you’ve wound up in Limgrave, travel north to Liurnia. You should go to the Main Academy Gate Grace Site. You can come here when you approach Raya Lucaria Academy in How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring. Whenever you arrive at the Place of Grace, walk north from the institute and past the blue symbol where the door is. Stroll along the extension until you find a red gather sign.
Interact with it to be brought to assist Yura with fighting the Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin. At the point when the conflict is finished, you will get back to your reality. Converse with Yura on the scaffold and end his discourse. You can also read about How to Complete the Valley of the Fallen side quest in Horizon Forbidden West from here.

The results of killing Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers, in Elden Ring

Assuming that players kill Yura, it forestalls his questline from being finished. This removes opportunities to get Runes, gaining additional plunder, obtaining more XP, and basically enjoying certain substance found in Elden Ring.
Players meet Yura under a bridge in Limgrave, close to the Seaside Ruins. This is the place where the long mission begins to take out other Bloody Finger Hunters. This journey can be totally stayed away from.
How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring
In the event that players don’t wish to finish the journey, they can just assault Yura and after a couple of hits, he will retaliate in How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring. Keep an eye out for the length of his katana, as it can strike from a decent distance. Kill him and the Nagakiba katana is dropped after his loss.
Go to the ravine to the upper east of Agheel Lake. Assist Yura with killing Bloody Finger Hunter Nerijus to get the Reduvia dagger.Kill the mythical serpent Yura cautions players about in Agheel LakeHelp Yura again by defeating a Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin Kill an invader at the Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateua. Yura rewards players with the Nagakiba katana after in How to get Eleonora Poleblade in Elden Ring.Win the fight against Eleonora to accept Eleonora’s Poleblade.

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