This article is about How to join the Clerics in Elex II. In ELEX, players can decide to join one of three groups. Every group has its own objectives and values, so it’s essential to know the distinctions between all groups in ELEX prior to joining one. Subsequent to deciding on a group, players should then converse with the head of the group and complete missions in request to join. This guide will turn out how to join a group in ELEX and who you should talk with to get everything rolling.
To join a group, you should finish missions for the group to show How to join the Clerics in Elex II. Remember that whenever you have joined a group, any remaining group missions will be dropped. By and large, players must be a piece of one group for each playthrough, so select cautiously.
How to join the Clerics in Elex II

How to Join the Clerics in Elex II

You can join the Clerics assuming you have lined up with the Albs as your first group – furthermore, you more likely than not accomplished a higher position in the Albs, and that implies progressing altogether in the Alb storyline. You additionally should be a minimum of level 20 preceding you can join. You can join the Clerics by visiting their base at the Castle How to join the Clerics in Elex II, which you will have opened during the Alb introduction storyline.
The Clerics can show both of you new capacities – Last Chance, which forestalls passing and awards invincibility for a brief timeframe, and Unwavering, which supports your protection from Reality Damage by 20%, up to 60%. Clerics likewise show you how to hack gadgets, and can open fundamental smithing and ammo crafting plans. You can also read about How to Get the Reduvia Dagger in Elden Ring from here.

How to Join the Clerics Faction

To join the Clerics group in ELEX, players should finish the High-Tech Allies journey, which involves completing missions for them to gain their trust and show your dedication.
Assuming you wish to join the Clerics, you should initially talk with Reinhold, who is situated in the Cathedral in Hort City. He will give you different journeys, including one called Subversive Elements, where you should find a specific Elex merchant How to join the Clerics in Elex II. Continue to finish journeys for Reinhold and the other Clerics until Reinhold has considered you sufficiently commendable to join the group. Check in with Reinhold intermittently to find out your status and whether you’ve finished an adequate number of journeys to join the Clerics.

How to actually take a look at the advancement of joining the Cleric group

To perceive how you are doing you can go to Reinhold and check your endorsement level in view of how well you have finished the journeys you have been relegated. Whenever you have finished enough you’ll get one of three reactions:

  • You’ve done what’s necessary and have been for the most part sure meaning you will be permitted to join the Clerics.
  • You have not finished an adequate number of journeys and procured endorsement from other individuals, he will advise you to gain more and return again later.
  • You have sufficiently finished however you have settled on a few awful choices which has impacted the Clerics inadequately. He will deny section to joining the group.

Cathedral in The Hort

The individual that concludes who can join the Clerics is Judicator Reinhold in Cathedral in The Hort city. The main journey that you can get from him is Subversive Elements in which you should follow an individual that exchanges Elex. Other than completing this one you should likewise finish a great deal of other side journeys for the Clerics. The main ones are gotten from Martha and Hagen.
How to join the Clerics in Elex II
Whenever you get some information about your present endorsement level he will actually look at your finished missions for the Clerics. After that he will settle on a choice. This triggers one out of the three reactions:

  1. You finished an adequate number of journeys for the Clerics and during a large portion of them you helped its individuals – Reinhold permits you to join the Clerics.
  2. You didn’t finish an adequate number of missions for the Clerics – Keep completing them (you can check the aide’s section devoted to side journeys in Ignadon).
  3. You finished an adequate number of journeys for the Clerics however during at minimum a couple of them you settled on choices that were awful for the group – You might need to fix your relations with this association.

ELEX The Clerics Faction Quests Guide

ELEX The Clerics Faction Quests Guide will detail all there is for the players to be aware of the Outlaws Faction missions and How to join the Clerics in Elex II.

ELEX The Clerics Faction Quests

ELEX The Clerics Faction Quests Guide will assist you with all the group missions, however, joining this group won’t permit you to join How to join the Clerics in Elex II Factions as you can join each group in turn.

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